Microsoft 'insider' responds to PS4 - Report

A "Microsoft insider" speaking to CVG has responded to Sony's next-generation tease. This unnamed person said future platform supremacy will be awarded to the company with the most substance, not the most flash.

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The irony in MS accusing anyone of "flash" over substance. From the folks that brought us a Cirque Du Soleil performance with a completely fake Star Wars demo playing on screen, while a bewildered audience in raincoats (did we forgot that? raincoats wtf) watched on. Oh and should we talk about the pink elephant in the room? Milo anyone? MS are the masters of illusion and marketing. They need to show some class and close their mouths.

wenaldy1659d ago

Dude that's not Raincoat, it was KKK poncho.. Just kid lol..

FamilyGuy1659d ago

So true, the nerve of anyone from MS to say that. They basically have concerts and pay famous people to show off their games at every E3 no matter how good or bad they are. They are the definition of flash over substance.

Sony's on a roll, I just hope that the hype can last all the way to launch.

Enemy1659d ago

This is pretty disturbing "insider" information. He flat-out confirmed the next Xbox won't be as powerful as the PS4, and to make matters worse, Microsoft can't even begin to compete with Sony's 1st party support. What are they gonna rely on, Xbox Live Windows and Kinect? The PS4 will have a bunch of exclusives ALL OVER again, as well as all the multiplats with easier architecture to develop for than the PS3. So far, based on the rumors we know, Sony is going to massacre the competition.

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sony has caught up with ms with a year gap,i cant see ms catching sony especially with sony doing things the right way this time from the beginning. ms will have a big fight on there hands , unless ms digs deep into there pockets again.

adorie1659d ago

from what I understand Microsoft is the one who has to be careful, mainly Steve Ballmer. So many people within the company apparently want him gone that if he botches this gen with overspending, it would just add to the woes they're currently facing and big investors have already called for him to step down.

We'll see though. It's going to be a very popcorn-esque generation between Sony and Microsoft.

xxLuckyStrike1659d ago

Like ditch the cell. and go with a more MS like approach ie, processor and all probability follow M$ business strategy and marketing format. YEp did i mention live and how more efficient it is to PSN. download and install wait 30-1hr just to play your new game.. sux

Kingthrash3601658d ago

@ lucky do you mean thos free games downloaded from ps+?
Please dont start an argument over live and plus. You'll lose every time.

HarryMasonHerpderp1659d ago

It's always Microsoft that has to turn it nasty.
Sony actually wished Nintendo good luck with the WiiU, why can't Microsoft do the same?

blastcorp641658d ago

Sony also claimed the 3ds was a babysitting tool

palaeomerus1659d ago

Twisted Metal, LBP Karting, Battle Royalle...blech.

Rainstorm811659d ago

Yea those are Sony's only titles right?....forget about GT , GoW or Uncharted ......Y bother you only have one bubble...

DigitalRaptor1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Okay. 3 pretty good games that released in 2012, which is one year in a life cycle. This dude will probably say "blech" to Ni no Kuni, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xilia, Puppeteer, Killzone: Mercenary, Tearaway, Rain and a number of others. Those including whatever the heck is released for the upcoming and imminent PS4.

All Sony exclusives are terrible didn't you know? /s

mandf1659d ago

The system with the most quality games always win. When all consoles this gen stop being sold we will see who won this gen. This gen isn't over.

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FlyingFoxy1659d ago

PS4 games look better than the overrated stuff like Halo on Xbox, Illumiroom doesn't look great, oculus rift on PC looks much better.

I wanted games like Conker or Banjo Kazooie like the 64 days, instead MS wasted the devs.

Sems uncharted may fill my needs, i have PC for everything else.

BLAKHOODe1659d ago

Illumiroom doesn't appeal to me. I actually have STUFF in my playing environment (Living room) and I don't have a completely empty room where I can take full advantage of something like that, which Microsoft apparently thinks everyone has considering the space requirements for Kinect.

PFFT1658d ago

You have actually seen PS4 titles??? You should post pics and videos next time. Share the love!

scofios1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

related video

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1659d ago

awesome! and i'm busting out to counter act Sonys day, with my insiders talk about the new xbox controller. :) going to be great times ahead.

ThatGuy21659d ago

Well they need to spread some of this substance to the vita please ;)-vita user

trancefreak1658d ago

Why is it War? I suppose to rally the gamers and pit sales but knowing me I will buy both new consoles.

The only thing that will stink is if I can't get my hands on a launch console while desperately waiting for inventory.

ConstipatedGorilla1658d ago

The PS3 is going out with a bang here. They have a strong line up this year leading into the launch of PS4. PS4 will have a lot of momentum for this reason. I just hope it is backward compatible.

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SCW19821659d ago

Poor insider just bashed his own company. Microsoft has substance? Ha ha don't make me laugh so hard!

Knight_Crawler1659d ago

You are probably one of those people who belives everything that is posted on the internet LMAO!

My Sony insider told me that the PS4 will cost $199 and make the top spec gaming PC's look like an outdated caluclator.


nix1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

you sound like a sour loser.

Having said that - Let the "PS4 is doomed!" articles begin!!!

JeffGUNZ1659d ago

Sour loser? Or do you mean "sore" loser?

xxLuckyStrike1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Ya the Blonde lady with the french model boyfriend who looked like a couch potato... bonjurno!!! LMAO

I really cannot believe how biased lopsided and unbalanced the site is. The SONY defense force attacks in waves. AND quickly silence any rationality or validity.. Great job [email protected] MODZ

trenso11659d ago

Off topic question the event is held in new York any one know where exactly and if it's open to the public. The only place I know in the city is the playstation style center where they had the lbp world record thing

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Septic1659d ago

""The war won't be won by producing the most powerful system," the person said. "

I think this comment gives credibility to EDGE's reports about the PS4 being more technically superior (assuming this insider is actually legit).

I agree to an extent with him but just how much more powerful will the PS4 be?

Sony had a slightly more powerful console this generation and it was hampered by the fact that games were difficult to develop for it comparatively.

With that out of the window now with news of the PS4 being very easy to develop for, more power and less headaches could be really important factors that determine victory.

xursz1659d ago

I'm tempted to dial their Anonymous Tipster Hotline and hit them with,

Me: "Hi, I'm calling to give you information regarding our next home entertainment console."

May I ask your name and who you are speaking for, Sony or Microsoft, or the guy making the Ouya; there's still people waiting to be reimbursed for this you know.

"I'm speaking for MS but I am choosing to stay anonymous. I just wanted to say there is absolutely no way our competitors will have designed more powerful tech for this generation hardware."

HEADLINE: Anonymous Lead Hardware Designer of Xbox Guarantees to the us the Most Powerful Hardware; Couldn't Provide Info on Ouya.