PS4 Game Development To be Easier Than PS3 - Report

Sony has learned its lessons with the PS3 it seems.

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NastyLeftHook01816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


StrongMan1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Exactly. Sony is taking away all of Microsoft crutches that they had with the Xbox 360.

no year long head start-check
no difficult hardware to code on-check
cross game chat for free-check
no $600 console-check

Sony won't take their foot off of Microsoft's neck. Sony will make sure they stay in dead last place by not even giving them a chance next gen by taking away all of their crutches. Sony smells blood.

Jek_Porkins1816d ago

Your trolling kills me, you have very selective memory, either that or you work for Sony.

The next Xbox and the next PlayStation will probably be pretty equal in every aspect. Microsoft will most likely continue to do well in North America and Sony in Japan, EU could be up for grabs and should be close.

All we have right now are rumors, if we believe this rumor, should we believe the PS4 wont be backwards compatible ? or that it wont be able to play used games? We also don't have a price point, so you've been a bit premature with the "No $600 console" remark.

You think Sony has their foot on anyone? seriously? I think they are just trying to turn a profit like everyone else, they shouldn't be too concerned with Nintendo or Microsoft. That is what got them in trouble this generation, where as in previous generations they did their own thing.

Keep drinking that Kool Aid!

Highlife1816d ago

not sure how he is trolling. He is in a Sony article and added his opinion. I think he is just excited and why not there has been some great news for the playstaion brand.

adorie1816d ago

Jek, I'm taking you to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'll have you at the base and ready to board your starfighter in no time.

3-4-51816d ago

If Sony screws this one up then they really do have the wrong people in positions of power and authority.

Sony can redeem themselves to the PS2 Glory years.

I'm more of a Nintendo & Xbox fan to be honest, but I don't want to see Sony fail. I want them all to succeed. That will drive competition and in turn gives us the Gamer's/ consumers......better Quality games to play.

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CGI-Quality1816d ago

Actually, this puts the ball in Microsoft's court, since it's their hand that will be forced. If all of these reports prove to be accurate, Sony could be in for a great start!

Ju1816d ago

You never know what's gonna happen, and MS is a force, no doubt.

But nobody can take away from Sony what's happening right now. 1:0 for Sony right there...

NameRemoved00171816d ago

Sony has been getting back in the game recently, most of their new stuff is excellent while microsofts new stuff = fail. Not going to lie this gen is going to Sony 100% no doubt.

Septic1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

No doubt.

Contrary to many who blindly defended the unnecessarily difficult design architecture of the PS3, it really was a big stumbling block for Sony and ease of development will be Sony's top priority in the new gen.

Also, judging by EDGE's early reports, Sony really are going with a completely new philosophy in the next gen as far as development in concerned. It's the common sense thing to do and will really put pressure on MS.

Now, with an arsenal of first party studios and reclaiming the support of third party decelopers, possibly to that extent that they will, once again prioritise Sony over others, the competition next generation is already looking like it will be incredibly fierce.

We are in for a real treat.

nukeitall1816d ago

I think it is nice to proclaim this and that, but people were cheering when the PS Vita was announced, and subsequently released to pretty much a disaster.

The PS3 came out of the gate really strong with a huge momentum from the PS2 era, but we all know how that story ended.

Bottom line is long term execution over assumptions. It's all up to management. Even a slow start can be turned around like the 3DS.

blackbirdi1816d ago

plz do we must read the same news over over again --' you didn't came up with nothing new

ArmGunar1816d ago

I'm pleased to hear that !

strigoi8141816d ago

yup no doubt on bethesda cant complain anymore???

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