GTA V dev costs over $137 million, says analyst

Sterne Agee's Arvind Bhatia expects Take-Two blockbuster to sell 18 million, make over $230 million in operating profit

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NastyLeftHook02082d ago

lots of quarters and dimes.

aCasualGamer2082d ago

But imagine how much they'll profit.

Rockstar estimates to sell over 25 million copies first year alone, which i believe is an underrated estimate. It'll probably end up selling well over 30-35 million copies.

ThatGuy22082d ago

Really?Gta 4 today has only sold 12 million...i can see gta 5 selling around 9-14 million...i think it might acully be less do to the sales for games and hardware being low...but like call of duty keep on selling more ad more every time so i think gta could sell more but dont even think about it getting near 20 million...

HappyGaming2082d ago

It would sell more then the previous GTA because by the looks of it it will be far better and the size of the market is much larger then in 2008.

But lets assume 10 million sales.

10x$50m = $500,000,000
And that based on using ridiculously low boundaries imo.

RuperttheBear2082d ago


GTA4 sold over 20 million.

aCasualGamer2082d ago

[email protected]

GTAIV on 360/PS3 sold more than 20 million. Add to that all the "complete editions" and you'll be closer to 24 million.

NOW... Don't you think, there is a chance that with all the hype surrounding the game, it can sell over 25 million on both platforms? Considering there are over 100-120 million potential buyers?

I have no doubt in my mind that this game will sell more than 25 million.

born2live2082d ago


You are not taking into consideration that, off that $50 bucks, less than half of it goes to the developper... Your example would stil generate a nice profit, though.

ChronoJoe2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )


GTAIV sold around 10m units on each platform, more if you count the complete editions and dlc.

PC figures are untracked outside of physical retail, so whilst for instance vgchartz only lists 0.7m units sold for the PC version, the figures for that platform are much higher.

GTAIV easily sold in the realms of 25-35 million units across platforms.


Only about $20 makes it back to the publisher. Something like that, not too much. Plus the marketing budget for the game will probably be similar to it's development costs.

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guitarded772082d ago

They had to spend a lot of $20's researching hookers and cocaine for in game assets.

omi25p2082d ago

Rockstars British so its pennies.

N0S3LFESTEEM2082d ago

What? Wouldn't it be Pounds?

ThatGuy22082d ago

Uk's is not part of the euro money system....but probably will be in the near future

HappyGaming2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

It is just pocket change for a game that is guaranteed to make a profit.

Pennies are the equivalent of cents in the UK.

Not all countries in the European Union believe the Euro is a good idea.

Are you kidding me?
Britain has been against a European Monetary System ever since it was brought up in the 70s... Watch BBC news they will never say something good about the European Union.

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ATi_Elite2082d ago

they are about to sell like 25 million units so who cares!

and the DLC should push GTAV revenue over the billion dollar mark!

I'm ready for GTAV

Mottsy2082d ago

i cant wait to "kill hookers and get points" !

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Prcko2082d ago

omg,this is much much muchh

Software_Lover2082d ago

Its sad that "game development" has come to this. But everyone has to get paid somehow.

Motion actors
Music score
voice actors
the actual dev team
licensing fees
royalty fees
fee fees
shipping costs
shipping fee fee cost
etc etc

No FanS Land2082d ago

in this case, it's not much music score, but more music licensing, imagine all the royalties for the songs on the radio.

3-4-52082d ago

I would bet some of the younger generation artists or artists that are gamers would possibly take some sort of a discount to have their song in a GTA game.

Think about it.....your song doesn't just get it's 15 minutes of fame on real radio, but it is placed in a game forever !

We can hear their song years from now. It's great advertising for an artist.

But yea the overall cost for this game is much more than I would have thought, but this would be one of the 10 games I would suspect would cost a ton to make.

20+ million copies sold in 2013

10+ million copies sold in 2014

cleverusername2082d ago

They're using music scores in GTAV too apparently

SandWitch2082d ago

So it's the most expensive game to date?

Jamoora2082d ago

Most expensive game would be star wars the old republic with a production cost of 155million and took 5.6 years to make.

ExitToExisT2082d ago

GTA V development still has 8 months ahead, and it would probably surpass that figure

FarCryLover1822082d ago

and that game....tanked?? Right?

DOMination-2081d ago

It is still highly profitable

Trenta272082d ago

Halo 4: $50 million
God of War 3: $44 million

If that budget for GTA V is true, that is insane compared to other top games. Damn.

Tultras2082d ago

uncharted 3, $20 million.

It's how you use the money.

Dfooster2082d ago

It doesn't work like that. Just think how big the gta map is going to be compared to a more linear experience like uncharted and then think how many people it takes to create something that size in that amount of detail. That's where the money goes, that and creating the assets to populate a world that size with.

Norrison2082d ago

GTA V isn't a 10 hour linear game. Its an open world game with tons of different features.

ThanatosDMC2082d ago

Fernando Martinez and Lazlo better make a comeback.

cleverusername2082d ago

GTA4 $100 million, GT5 $80 million

acmegamer2082d ago

Who disagreed to those well known game budgets? lol

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