Rebellion Releases Second Trailer for Untitled Game - Teases Greek Mythology Shooter

Thirteen1 - Rebellion, developer of Sniper Elite V2, has released a second teaser trailer for the untitled mystery horror game revealed earlier this week.

Following wild speculation that Tuesday's trailer was teasing a horror add-on for Sniper Elite V2, the second teaser comes coupled with an announcement stating this is a "stand-alone title debuting February 14th". The unnamed game is touted as PC-only and judging by the trailer could be Greek mythology related. Either way, it 100% definitely has nothing to do with Valentines Day. We think.

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Grap2112d ago

Greek Mythology "Shooter" how does that work?

Sp1d3ynut2112d ago

It doesn't...just ask those who played 'Legendary'. :o

r212112d ago

Is it a game though? That running animation in the past video was very similar to the one used in Sniper Elite V2. Im calling it now that its DLC.

MattyG2112d ago

How'd they get Greek Mythology out of that? It's obvious that it's zombies.