Gamedaily: Dark Sector Preview

Gamedaily writes: Dark Sector has come a long way since we last saw it back at E3 2007. Digital Extremes has since polished the game's graphic engine for a smooth thirty frames a second and put numerous effects to use. For instance, if an enemy throws a gas grenade at him, the screen temporary warps, giving off the sense that he's suffering from impaired vision. The levels themselves are huge, with numerous emptied buildings, ruins from a once-tranquil paradise, and several other locales to take on enemy soldiers. The game does occasionally stutter, but Digital still has a little time to do cleanup. The final game should look very cool.

Digital Extremes has done excellent work making Dark Sector into beating our expectations. The combination of Glaive throwing and gunplay is very fulfilling and the game looks better each time we see it. The multiplayer modes hold considerable value as well, especially with the promise of becoming "infected."

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Lord Vader3944d ago

Awesome. Very interested in this one, I think it's a possible sleeper.

Rhezin3944d ago

LOL I still find it hilarious that the ps3 version was almost canned. What a piss poor console.