PS4 Impact and Possible Games

Game Nacho: We're sure you’ve heard about the possibility that the PS4 is going to be announced on February 20th by Sony. With this knowledge of the possible PS4 announcement we decided to go a step further and take a look at what impact the PS4 could have on the console industry and what possible games could be released for the system.

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cervantes991939d ago

If nothing else, Sony has captured the interest of gamers and the games industry in general and has generated a lot of excitement - which is exactly what a teaser should do.

This is great marketing by Sony (assuming this is for PS4). I can't believe I used "great" and "marketing" in the same sentence when referring to Sony :)

It feels like the buzz created by the PS1 back in the day.

Dwalls11711939d ago

If it is announced I will pre order that day...we know it wont be anything under 400$ so I will make sure its paid for before release

aCasualGamer1939d ago

Will also preorder it.

God damn the internet and gaming community is going craaaaazy. I've never seen this many articles, threads and comments on a subject related to hardware before.

TheFallenAngel1939d ago

I want a resistance: fall of man reboot for launch. That would make me so happy.

itBourne1939d ago

Omg that would be amazing! To bad if it did happen it would most likely be a CoD infected crap shoot just like the R3 multiplayer = /

Conzul1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Meh, rather have Resistance 4 and be a Chimera or a Hybrid...or a 3rd species that jumps into the mix.

ThyMagicSword1939d ago

Only The Last Guardian, everything else is not in my interest (not meant in a bad way).

Chaoslegion81939d ago

I would love to see that Agni's philosophy tech demo become a real launch game. That feels
Like a game that could rejuvenate square enix and help kick off nextgen in style. Add in kh3 and
Release versus 13 within the first six months. ONLY ON PLAYSTATION 4!

ThyMagicSword1939d ago

Difficult, they were not able to create one good game this gen, why would they suddenly change "philosophy"?

j-blaze1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

so let me ask this question, when FFXIII went multiplat you blamed both MS and SE for the stupid cut contents, now "if" VersusXIII is going to release next gen there are big chances it will be multiplat but "if" that happens what your excuse will be i wonder?

anyway, i'm so excited for PS4! so glad the era of that slow and hard to develop for console with bad memory called ps3 is going to end

@ Chaoslegion

well, sorry i meant to say "you guys", also, your reply didn't make any sense but yeah whatever

Chaoslegion81939d ago

First of all if your gonna debate with me at least respond with an intelligent response. I never said anything about blaming ms or se don't know where u pulled that out of your ass from. And "If" they do release it I would anticipate it being a Ps4 exclusive since Sony looks to rock this gen and square seeing its potential as not a big risk from losing money on one system.

If se and other publishers see the ps4 as a early success based on positive media response and Early preorder numbers are crazy good than why not fully invest
And committ to a maximized exclusive game like Versus13? Cause since the ps4 is selling well u won't have to be strapped with extra development costs from another system and loss of a fan base since the game didn't meet expectations.

DigitalRaptor1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

"so glad the era of that slow and hard to develop for console with bad memory called ps3 is going to end"

Although I'm glad that game development should no longer be an issue for developers as they were with PS3, if games with the scope of Ni no Kuni and Versus XIII can be produced on a 7-year-old, memory-bottlenecked piece of hardware, intensive games like BioShock Infinte run great ( and multiplatform parity is now more balanced than it has ever been, the "bad memory" and "hard to develop for" is not really an issue, since only the less than proficient developers are exposed.

I wonder how long this early PS4 praise is going to last for you j-blaze? Probably until you realise that Japanese games don't really make the struggling giant nearly as much as western games and then you blame them for your life's problems as usual, whilst praising Microsoft for the same things.

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The story is too old to be commented.