1UP Previews Etrian Odyssey II

1UP writs: "2007 was a great year for hardcore gamers, with dozens of intense, challenging, deeply involving games seeing release. Yet among these releases, one title stood out above the rest as something for the truly hardcore: Atlus' DS role-playing game Etrian Odyssey.

A deliberately- and lovingly-crafted callback to the days of PC RPGs, Etrian featured a dungeon 30 levels deep, each vastly more difficult than the last. Those brave enough to face its challenges found themselves struggling through countless enemy encounters as they descended into the depths of the labyrinth, a steady stream of conflicts punctuated by the panic prompted by running into the rare and powerful super-boss monsters called FOEs. Essentially Wizardry for the modern era, Etrian certainly wasn't to everyone's tastes, but the game slowly built a dedicated following both in America and back in Japan -- a small but enthusiastic enough fanbase to warrant a sequel".

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