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Kawata On Why Resi 6 Scored Lower Than Revelations

With Resident Evil Revelations coming to consoles, NowGamer asked the developer why they think Revelations scored better than Resident Evil 6. (3DS, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Revelations, Xbox 360)

Dante456  +   906d ago
I'd say the one big problem I had with Res 6 was inconsistency .

Granted there is a huge amount of content in the game , the campaign is bigger then ever - some parts where fantastic - then again some parts felt scrappy and rushed.

The series doesn't need a reboot, they just need to make sure future games are polished + playtested, have considerably less insta-death QTE's and carry on with the qualities that made the series great in the first place.
Baka-akaB  +   906d ago
I can't say i agree entirely . Even plot wise it has gotten so convoluted and ridiculous , that a return to roots is much needed , and it's not certain it can be accomplished well without rebooting .

A tiny example ... when i saw that grotesque horse/rhino/zombie mix (simmons i believe ?) boss fight on the train ... i wasnt feeling afraid , even a tiny bit spooked , even less disgusted ... and even less feeling excited or given a rush by the action .

Tediousness of the gameplay completely aside , and strictly on storyline , artistic , plot and pace levels , i was just feeling like watching a cartoon comedy or a newer version of Brain dead , wich would be cool if it was done tongue in cheek , but no it was completely ridiculous and not done on purpose .
LKHGFDSA  +   906d ago
Totally agree, that horse thing was just stupid, not terrifying at all. Same with the giant house fly.
Baka-akaB  +   906d ago
They tried what a few supernatural based tv show pulled off usually successfully , but mostly failed so far .

Tv shows , animes , books etc about vampires , garous , undeads , demons and what not always move on in the food chain to the bigger and badder predators and foes , but they dont all lose the fun and their core in the process with the most ridiculous creatures .

And when they do , they always go back to roots at some point to build up interest again , or die .

They dont go " oh lets mix everything from the animal kingdom with zombie and mecha parts and make it big"
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Pozzle  +   906d ago
I think that even if Capcom don't reboot Resident Evil, they at least need to scrap all the messy and confusing plot-lines and make the whole series more focused and less convoluted.
They also need to stop changing the mythos to suit each game.
Root  +   906d ago

Exactly look how many things were crammed into RE6 which made it confusing and ruined the overall story.

I mean Jake for starters being Weskers son, a new virus, too many pointless horrible characters Jake, Helena, Piers instead of using Claire, Jill and Barry. Jill should of been partnerd up with Leon, Barry with Chris and Claire with Sherry.
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FrostyZipper  +   906d ago
Pretty much what this guy said.

In terms of functionality, RE6 actually boasted some fairly solid TPS mechanics which, in the context of the series, actually made a fair amount of sense considering characters Chris and Leon's experience in dealing with crazy shit like bio-engineered monstrosities.

Capcom easily made the biggest mistake they could possibly make by trying to appeal to everyone. Addiotnally, while Capcom touts its 600-person dev team (and let me stress that this is an outsider's opinion, for all I know I could be completely wrong in saying this) I think that this might just have made things a clusterfuck at times where development was concerned.

If Capcom go ahead with RE7 I'd rather they took a clear, confident direction and manage nailing that instead of trying to be the jack of all trades and barely managing to be competent overall. QTEs either need to go entirely or be reduced to much more manageable, less tiresome levels. Melee too needs to be reworked as, while it was clunky it was also entirely possible to simply punch-kick through most of the game without firing a shot. Personally I think they should take a leaf from the RE4 tree and make melee more of a quick stun attack/last resort to give yourself some breathing space and leave the more lethal stuff to the stun prompts. Horror too would need to actually factor into the gameplay, hell even jump scares would be a cut above the pretty paltry effort RE6 made with its scares.

Of course, if the reboot went ahead then I'd actually rather see an all new cast. A new story or hell, why not even a parallel? Ideally it'd control like RE4 but maybe with more options where evasive manoeuvres are concerned.
JsonHenry  +   906d ago
I thought it was rated worse because it was a 3rd person action game and not a survival horror game.

If I wanted 3rd person action I would go play Gears or God of War. NOT Resident Evil.
mttrackmaster38  +   906d ago
That's not it at all. Resident Evil 5 didn't get bad reviews for being a TPS.
FrostyZipper  +   906d ago
RE5 didn't get bad reviews at all, the lowest rating it got (that I'm aware of) was from X-Play who gave it a 3/5. Most of them were 7s and 8s with a 9 or two here and there. It was only really once the fanbase had collectively played through it and discussed their experiences that it became gradually more apparent that it wasn't nearly as good as RE4 had been.
LKHGFDSA  +   906d ago
Had my hopes up there, I thought they were recognizing that the game reviewed low because it wasn't true to the series. but then he goes and says it's unjust to do so for that reason.
Root  +   906d ago
They just can't admit they are wrong can they....they never can, they are just too proud.

It's sickening in my opinion because why the game failed is so obvious.
Jek_Porkins  +   906d ago
I liked RE6, and I liked RE5. I also really enjoyed RE4 more than any of the others in the series. I've never been scared by any game in the RE series, and I remember playing the original titles as a kid growing up. They were fun, even though they had terrible stories, controls and camera angles.

How many times can they stick you in a mansion and put you in the same situations as the first few RE games? Eventually you aren't going to be scared of those situations. I also enjoyed the co-op in RE5 and RE6 because I like to play through campaigns with my brother, I think the co-op campaign is a lost art form and I'm glad it's starting to make a come back.
Pozzle  +   906d ago
I don't really agree, tbh. How many people think Dead Rising needs to move past its zombie plot and become more action-oriented? Or Left 4 Dead? Or even Dead Rising? Nobody. So why does Resident Evil need to change? Why do people say that RE would have gotten stale if Capcom didn't change it in such a drastic way? Why is it ok for other games to stay in their genre and stick with their formula, but Resident Evil had to change?

Personally, I think Capcom could have easily stuck with the whole Umbrella/zombie/outbreak/etc plot for longer than they did. Or at least they could have continued it in a more logical manner. There are plenty of loose plot-threads that could have spawned entire games, if only Capcom had the brains to remember them. But nope, instead they'd rather make shit up on the spot and hope that it will make sense in context of the other games. Shame it rarely does. Old RE games might not have been the pinnacle of storytelling, but at least they were consistent.
Jek_Porkins  +   906d ago
I think Dead Rising needs better characters and story telling elements for sure. They couldn't have done the same mall over and over again. Left 4 Dead was pretty good, but the second one was more of the same and I didn't spend nearly the time with it as I did with the first one.

Games need change from time to time, there is no game that is exactly the same as it was in 1995 as it is right now....none.

I personally hated the camera/controls/story of the original RE games. I guess it's just preference really, and that is only my opinion.
Pozzle  +   905d ago
Don't get me wrong, I do think Resident Evil needed to update itself to keep up with the times. But I don't think Capcom needed to change the games as drastically as they did. And I don't mean changing the camera and the tank controls. Changing that sort of stuff is fine. But changing things like the mythos, adding conflicting and unneeded plot points, trying to appeal to every gamer and ending up with a mess, etc. It's all so unnecessary. There are much more logical ways that Capcom could have changed the series.
FrostyZipper  +   905d ago
For a moment I thought you were actually going to argue for tank controls and awkward camera angles. I was wrong, glad I am and I apologise for making assumptions.

I agree entirely. The Resident Evil canon as it stands is a batfuck loopy mess and it really doesn't help that Capcom retcons whatever suits them at the time instead of actually taking a step back and thinking 'does this make sense in context?' This is the main reason I'd not be too broken up if we saw a reboot of the franchise instead of a Resident Evil 7. Now if Capcom could actually hire some people who could write worth a damn well, that would be ducky.

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