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GR-UK writes: "Antichamber is a first-person puzzler from indie dev Alexander Bruce, and it's one of the most thought provoking games we've ever played. Not only does it test the old grey matter in a way that few others can, but it's also imbued with irrepressible charm and a wonderfully subtle sense of humour.

Players are tasked with escaping from a non-Euclidian labyrinth. There's no pre-amble, no tutorial, and no overt helping hand guiding you. Just cryptic clues and puzzles that divide up the world, barring access to further challenges. Progress in any one direction can only be achieved once the relevant puzzle has been solved, but this is far from a linear adventure. It's a place where time is an abstract concept, and forward progress can often lead you back to where you started. Confused? You should be..."

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