EA CEO says Wii U isn't next-gen, but pledges support for future consoles

The Wii U may not form as big a part of the publishing giant's plans.

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Jadedz2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

From a ''cost perspective,'' the Wii U is an ideal console for developers whom consider development cost important. If you have the money to spend on software (EA is this case) - then sure, publishers will likely go big not worrying about the repercussions (I.E - bankruptcy).

Nintendo did the right thing with the Wii U by aquiring game engine licenses ( , http://www.develop-online.n... , so we shouldn't fault them for trying.

darthv722147d ago

is next gen from the POV that it represents new tech that Nintendo had never released before. Unlike the Wii which was slightly better than the Gamecube. the wii and gamecube were closer in specs which is what lead many to proclaim the wii as being a gamecube 1.5.

Wii-u uses much better hardware than any previous nintendo system. It is next gen for nintendo.

As for the industry, sure the wii-u is only marginal when compared to the other platforms and will be surpassed by the specs of sony and ms. EA knows this and are wrong for saying the wii-u "isn't" next gen.

Especially considering there is no precise starting/stopping point for what is classified as a "gen" or generation. Sony made the bold claim of "the next gen does not start until we say so" back before the ps3 launched but even they knew they were wrong from an overall POV.

their claim only held true for them. Simply because it was "their" next gen system not one that was representative overall.

Nintendo started off the next gen with their wii-u. Sony and MS will follow suit and then once the last one enters the ring it will shift from "next" to "current" and the cycle will begin again.

stragomccloud2146d ago

Clearly you don't know much about the hardware of the Wii or the Wii U. That comment made my day.

Donnieboi2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

So what if this tech is "new" to Nintendo, it's still old tech. So, by Ninty fanboy logic, Ouya is next gen too. Would u say Ouya is next gen COMPETITOR?

Also, when u said: "Nintendo started off the next gen with their wii-u. Sony and MS will follow suit and then once the last one enters the ring it will shift from "next" to "current" and the cycle will begin again"

All that quote made me think of is how the Wii U is the one who's actually late. Late for the Ps3/360 era. Sony and MS have nothing to worry about when it comes to the Wii U.

The Wii U is late to the last generation consoles, and a mere companion system at best (to the last gen and the next).

Ps4 is coming. Get worried.

lfclee2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I will say one thing you clearly don't know anything about spec's and you are reading garbage , the Wii u has similar architecture has your ps4 , virtually the same accept for a few tweaks here and there ., you won't even notice anything unless you look at your tv close right up to the screen , honestly !

darthv722146d ago

"The Wii U is late to the last generation consoles"

you base that off of what exactly?

Sony was the last to enter the 7th generation cycle. Actually, it was both Nintendo and Sony that entered around the same time but with that you had 360, PS3 and Wii that made up the (then) current generation of main consoles. Since that time (06/07) we have been thinking about what is to come for the next gen.

Nintendo starts off the 8th generation with the wii-u. A significant bump in specs compared to anything they ever did before and people dismiss it as being late to the party? Sorry, i dont agree. Wii-u is next gen and we will see how much of an improvement the next xbox and ps will have in comparison.

Keep this in mind though, the one the succeeds in the consumer market isnt always the most technically advanced.

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Tei7772147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Consoles don't actually carry around their own unique development costs figures. Its down to the developers to budget their games. Just because you're producing a game for a powerfull system it does not mean you are then required try and utilise all of its power. You can have a system 10x more powerfull then the ps3, yet produce a game which looks like it was made for the snes. And in reality its actually cheaper to develop for the more powerful platform because it means that you dont have to optimise as much, and thus development time shrinks.

I really do hope developers realise this and start budgeting and pricing their next gen games appropriately.

madjedi2147d ago

And yet the 360 and ps3 will just magically disappear, leaving the wiiu as the only cheaper development costs option. You nintendo guys have funny logic.

Jadedz2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I didn't factoring in those two consoles, but we're talking about ''next-gen,'' which the Wii U is.

The fact remains; Wii U still has licensing agreements with all those game engine manufacturers (which can't be said for the others consoles at this point in time).

madjedi2146d ago

I am merely referring to development costs, i am not caring if it's last gen or next gen.

And the ps3/360 will still be more lucrative to develop for because a 140-150 million install base, verse a 4-5 million or zero install base.

"Next gen" Sorry i am seeing another gen 1.5 vs next gen consoles that aren't being labeled next gen just because it's the newest model.

Nintendo has their generation cycle and the industry has it's and they aren't the same.

Next gen should be a significant power increase, if not there is no point to having a next gen console.

Zeppelino2146d ago

Wow, you have really made your point there!

metroid322147d ago

WiiU is NEXTGEN it has a more powerful gpu than the rumoured 720 and ps4 so all this talk of nextgen look Nintendo have had Retro studios build game engines for the last couple of years for WiiU to make sure 3rd partys can make amazing games EA are the next studio to fail hopefully.

patriotZero2147d ago

Your body is reggie

Jadedz2147d ago

Can you please provide a link (being serious here)?

Highlife2147d ago

Weather it is or not doesn't even matter. third party titles didn't sell on the wii and it doesn't seem like that is going to change with the wiiu. I bought a wiiu for my kids the only titles they want on that system envolve Mario, Kirby, and Zelda. They only want the games that you can only get on nintendo. I can only imagine that is why most nintendo fans by the system. If you are not a fan of their games what is the point of buying the system when currently ps3 and xbox360 can hang with the system in terms of graphics and soon to be released ps4 and xboxnext that will most likely be more powerful than the wiiu in terms of power but also in terms of online capabilities as well.

metroid322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

And Mario and zelda are for kids yeah just because u buy one for the kids doesnt mean shit mate real gamers played a snes ect not just a 360,and we all know mario games are hard to complete and have always been classed as hardcore,Zelda is the best game on this planet and all the devs that mean anything that develop on ps3 and 360 worship Nintendo as being the best developers ? WiiU is for adults mainly,your kids will get more fun out of a ps2 or a wii ????? crazy.

Xenoblade WiiU is the game to beat graphics wise END OF,and the rumour of Gearbox developing an UE4 FPS for WiiU but having problems with ps4 devkits ???? yeah WiiU is for KIDS only your kids will have a more mature console than you because JRPG'S are the most hardcore out there.

1upgamer992147d ago

You know when you post things like "more powerful" you should post links to back up what you say. As you should know, I love Nintendo but I have read nothing that says the Wii u is more powerful than PS4 or 720 will be. In fact I have read they will have quite a bit more power than Wii U.

deafdani2147d ago

As a big Nintendo fan myself, you embarrass me. Spouting false information as fact does not make your point stronger. Ugh.

We. Don't. Know. The specs. Of the. PS4. And. Next Xbox.


Therefore you can't say the Wii U has a more powerful GPU than those consoles.

I don't fucking care if people want to label the Wii U as a next gen console or not. It is next gen only by virtue of being the sucessor of the Wii, that's it. Hardware-wise, I don't know how it will compare to the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

What I care about is the games, and Wii U has already quite a lot of exclusive games I'm looking forward to.

jmc88882147d ago

Actually we have a pretty good idea what it is, and they aren't that powerful. But this isn't surprising to anyone who understands the lay of the land.

If they wanted to put in a GTX 780 they could, and have a box that cost $1000+, sucked up twice-thrice the power, so on and so forth.

Seeing how they don't want to lose money, don't want RROD, don't want it to cost even as high as the PS3, yet at least for xbox want the Kinect 2 and hand manipulator in it, then you know they are not going to be very powerful.

Wii U/720/PS4 are fun, and will put out great games, but none of them are going to be powerful.

The rumors are of a downclocked and partially stripped AT 7850, aka the power of a GTX 560ti basically.

Now this can do a decent job, and is 2-3x faster than a Wii U, but will be 1/5th-1/15th as fast as a PC when they launch. (1/5th of a mid range single gpu card and 1/15th of a dual gpu card that is sli'ed). Roughly, but that's pretty much what it will be.

The rumor is 1.2 TFlops of performance.
The GTX 690 is 5.6 TFlops (non-overclocked)
The Nvidia titan is coming next month that will raise that by a rumored 10-20 percent.
Then we have the Nvidia GTX 7XX line in June, expect 50-100 percent bump up.

Which means the successor of the GTX 690 will probably top 10 TFlops and be able to be SLI'ed, meanwhile the GTX 770-780 might end up right around what the GTX 690 is.

Rumors? Sure. But this is how things work.

So when you compared Wii U to PS4/720 no doubt it is significantly behind, but still capable of running the same games, just at lower settings.

Just as the PS4/720 will run games at lower settings at launch then the PC. Starting from day 1, PC graphics will start pulling away, slowly the first year, but after that they too will be significantly behind.

A cheap PC built this summer will have a larger gap between it and a PS4/720 then a PS4/720 have over a Wii U.

The Wii U will hold it's own pretty well against the PS4/720.

deafdani2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

All of what you listed is a series of educated guesses, rumours and speculation. None of that equates to actually KNOWING what the next consoles will be like.

Don't get me wrong. I also think it's a possibility that the gap in power between the Wii U and the other next consoles isn't as big as it was between the Wii and Xbox 360 and PS3.

But I don't KNOW that.

For all we know, Sony could put out a console that's just as powerful as you claim, making multiplatform titles perfectly workable between it and the Wii U... while Microsoft launches a console that absolutely blows them both out of the water.

Again, we don't know. All that's going on here is just us playing the Pachter game.

Qrphe2147d ago

Guys, just stop feeding him (I'm not much different either by posting this)

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chasegarcia2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

The WiiU specs are too low.The same console concept with better specs would have been a Must-Buy instead of a Wait-and-See. The name is also _lame_.

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ahronith2147d ago

Yea because PS4 is just so amazing as a name...

opinska2146d ago Show
lfclee2146d ago

Honestly your ps4 is about the same specs has a laptop you can buy for three hundred bucks .

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