Ubisoft Working On PS4 Game 'Ivory Tower'

NowGamer: "Ubisoft could well be working on a secret project to release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4."

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TheEnigma3131720d ago

All this ps4 news is killing me. Come on Sony just show us already. This is becoming painful. I'm definitely ready for next gen.

grailly1720d ago

it's killing me to, but I still kinda hope there won't be too many leaks to spoil the surprise.

Septic1720d ago

Yeah that's true. I want it all to be revealed in one go so my mind=blown.

But its obvious now that the lid is slowly being lifted and we're getting credible reports of new games and announcements.

I predict that we'll see some in-game shots of a third party title very soon.

ABizzel11720d ago

How come all these titles say PS4, with no mention of the Nextbox?

Hmm. Delay?

abzdine1720d ago

i wasn't ready this morning but suddenly i'm excited to see what my next console does look like! Feb.20 cannot come soon enough. E3 will be insane with huge games reveals. Uncharted 4, GT6 and Phantom Pain on PS4 i'll start to cry.

AngelicIceDiamond1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Lol yeah N4G now is officially Sony land at the moment. Nintendo or MS needs to announce something just to freshin up this site a bit. Freshin as in more variety news.

Ubisoft's game is for PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. That's cool in all but hopefully there's a 720 version?

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raytraceme1720d ago

If ps4 will be the first console out I am gonna be so happy. Gives playtation a chance to start over fresh and destroy competition.

Grap1720d ago

and you want PS4 to crush the competition cuz u have some share stock in sony?. plz tell me anything other than you are useless fanboy.

sdozzo1720d ago

I think he was alluding to the fact that there is always doom and gloom with SONY or so people think. Not so much a fanboy.

Go Playstation!

raytraceme1720d ago

No because ms cares less for the core gamer no new core ip's since alan wake (now multiplat.), has a higher cost than playstation, and tends to piss of ps3/pc gamers with console exclusivity early dlc.

GuyThatMakesSense1720d ago

It depends what is he/she is useless to.

If you mean useless to Sony, then you are wrong since Sony very much welcomes his/her support and money :)

If you mean useless to himself, then you are wrong since letting excitement and competition be part of your life is never wrong, but part of nature.

If you mean useless to society, then you are wrong since competition is good, even when you are not the competitor directly because it gives both hope and excitement to others around him/her.

Either way, it seems he/she may be a fan of one particular system, but not an useless one at that.

The_Infected1720d ago

Yea Edge said the PS4 will be out in Japan and the US by Xmas and Europe in early 2014. I wonder when Xbox Next will be out? I was hoping Sony would get it out in October or November. Either way PS4 will be the one I get and I can't wait to see its 1st party games!

Prcko1720d ago

Playstation 4

grailly1720d ago

I wonder if it means the PS4 is coming out sensibly earlier than the next xbox.

can anyone remember the last time there was a generation switch, if the cross-generation games were better on the xbox or the 360? I heard some games were quite different despite the title being the same.

TheEnigma3131720d ago

There was a difference in games on the ps2 and Xbox. They xbox had better graphics and performed better, but ps2 had more games and better support.

TheModernKamikaze1720d ago

You know it's near when there's a flood of leaks.

MasterCornholio1720d ago

And i am hoping that we see leaks of images of the console. Sort of like what happened to the Vita i would like to see happen with the PS4.

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