Is the Wii U going to survive?

Is the Wii U worthy of the stick it has been getting lately or have Nintendo once again innovated there way to success, This article is going to delve into my personal thoughts on the Wii U, I'll have a look at how this years and 2014 Wii U game release front looks and also I'll have a look at how the Wii U has fared financially in the two and a half month that is has been released worldwide

Before, during and after the Wii U's release there has been controversy, upon rumors, upon speculation and i think it's about time the Wii U and Nintendo stand up for them self's and

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StrongMan2144d ago

There's some things more Mario and Zelda can't fix.

GadgetGooch2144d ago

Hopefully the 3rd party support will stick with Nintendo after the new kids on the block arrive along with Nintendo's first party games and third party exclusives i think they will be just fine, I hope :)

1upgamer992144d ago

Ahhh, but Metroid, Super Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Xenoblade, Luigi, Pandora's Tower, and Starfox can.

Gamerpeanuts2143d ago

Remember Nintendo put samus and her adventures on hold after it didn't sell well.

N4g_null2144d ago

That would be a ps4 right?

miyamoto2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

As long as there are young gamers parents need Nintendo.
Come on you can't expect Sony to do Mario, Pokemon or Kirby, can you?

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live2play2143d ago

no but they sure tried with crash bandicoot, ratchet and clank, little big planet

but failed

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Jadedz2144d ago

Nintendo has the 1st/2nd party content that'll more hardware.

Godmars2902144d ago

Ask again six months after Sony and MS release their systems.

Though I have to say if and once the Xeno or "X" game come to the West I'll be picking up a WiiU.

shackdaddy2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Thing is by then MS and Sony will be trying to build up a whole new lineup while Nintendo will probably already have some good games out or at least coming out.

I mean, I'm not even close to saying it's guaranteed, but I think Nintendo will be doing great come Christmas.

Godmars2902143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

But right now Nintendo hasn't shown anything which isn't already out, with anything that's going to honestly prove the system likely not out until PS4/Xbox3 launch titles will be out as well.

And this time the Big N wont have nostalgia helping with casual sales.

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DeadPixel2143d ago

Lets hope the GTA delay means we get it on Wii u, that would be all kinds of awesome. Beating hookers on your gamepad while youre on the john lol

GadgetGooch2143d ago

D-Right My friend that would be all kinds of awesome!!

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