Microsoft Bring Xbox LIVE Games to the Browser

Metro Gaming reports on the launch of Microsoft Studios free-to-play Xbox LIVE browser videogames, beginning with Wordament.

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IAMERROR2083d ago

i got all the achievements for Wordament, sort of silly that it's only 50 Gamerscore lol

nukeitall2083d ago

That game is freaken addictive!

LightSamus2083d ago

It's a free game, you should be happy there's any gamerscore at all.

BanBrother2083d ago

I suppose this is a good thing, even though I don't plan on playing these games. I just hope people's gold sub money isn't funding this shiite instead of cool new features for the xbox, or new IP's. I was new to the Xbox brand this gen, and was happy with my purchase in 2008. I have been majorly disappointed these last couple of years and may not pick up the new one. I just want a sign that they want my money and are willing to give me what I want, not some crappy browser games (no offense to the people who play them lol)

DeadlyFire2083d ago

If Halo, Gears of War, and other Xbox titles I might have interest in were mentioned I might get excited, but they are not.

This is just Games for Windows Live storefront all over again. Microsoft only supports gaming on the Xbox. Windows/Mac gaming lives on STEAM/Origin/Other.

stage882083d ago

Please tell me you don't need a Gold account for this.

MasterCornholio2083d ago

-shakes 8 ball-

signs point to yes

Oh_Yeah2082d ago

Yeah you need gold to access the browser and every other app on the 360.

Droid Control2082d ago

Rumour has it you will need gold to play single player games and DVD movies on 720.

And there will be a price hike to $90