Zelda U Discussion - How will it play?

GameXplain: "The GameXplain crew talks about what little we know of The Legend of Zelda U, including what it will play like, how multiplayer might work, how the Gamepad might be taken advantage of, and much, much more!"

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Eternalb2117d ago

I hope they show this at E3

zerocrossing2117d ago

It's pretty much been confirmed that they will, but yeah I hope so too.

ElectricKaibutsu2117d ago

I really like these gamexplain videos. I hope they keep doing them.

newsguy2117d ago

I hope it plays...well!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2116d ago

They made some good points.

Also, good to see someone else notice the great voice acting in Fire Emblem games. Like I have been saying that series is what gives me confidence in Nintendo's ability to use full voice acting for a Zelda.

Again, if they do use voice acting please keep the fuzzy-squeaky-voiced-JarJar Binks-character's dialogue to a minimum.

Thank You

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2116d ago

I'm hoping the gameplay be similar to Skyward Sword