Best Buy: Hitman HD for $25, Medal of Honor for $15, Black Ops II Wii U for $30, more

Best Buy is holding a two day sale on a total of 25 video game products.


Update: Deals are now working once again!

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Starbucks_Fan2058d ago

Is Black Ops Wii U active at all?

evilbart2058d ago

Yes I play nearly everyday and there are plenty of people online runs much smoother than the ps3 version

1upgamer992058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Yes, I traded in my PS3 version of BOPS2 because the multi-player on Wii U is awesome,and the game looks and runs a little better on Wii U. No problem finding people playing on Wii U anymore. When are people going to stop paying Microsoft for Live.

MNGamer-N2058d ago

I play it on the U as well. Great game, it satisfies my daily need to shoot people in the back.

dubal-e2058d ago

yea its pretty active. Noone plays league play though but every other mode has plenty of people to play in there.

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TheEnigma3132058d ago

Wow, Medal of honor must have really been awful to be 15 bucks right now. Was it really that bad?

FarCryLover1822058d ago

Pretty bad. Not the worst, but not good.

imXify2058d ago

They closed my local Best Buy yesterday -___-

FarCryLover1822058d ago

Really???? should still give you these prices though.

TheEnigma3132058d ago

yeah best buys are getting hit pretty hard. Online stores are killing them.

icarus19702058d ago

Was in the process of adding this to my cart and <poof> back for $40 bucks!

TheEnigma3132058d ago

Same thing happened to me. I think they tried to pull a fast one.

coolbeans2058d ago

I just clicked of the other deals I didn't want and the same thing happened:

-Dishonored PC for $15...shows for $60 on site

neogeo2058d ago

I just bought BO2 for WiiU the other day. I wonder if they willl price match it

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