How Scary is Dead Space 3?

IGN talks to Visceral about how the team are working with open spaces and natural light to create a new kind of terror.

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TheLyonKing1875d ago

When you bump inot Ishimura survivors was really freaky i dont think dead space 3 will top that off or when you went back on board annd you didnt bump into necromophrs for ages, I was so jumpy.

Hanso1875d ago

yeah loved that part (^_^)

Blackdeath_6631875d ago

i hope this game doesn't run into the same problem as its predecessors in that the monsters are entirely predictable and you begin to notice repetition. in deadspace 2 you can tell exactly where the monsters are coming out from and towards half way through the game it just becomes monotonous to the point where playing the game becomes tedious. a few hours into the game the scares stop being scary and start being annoying bursts of loud noise.

Irishguy951875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

" a few hours into the game the scares stop being scary and start being annoying bursts of loud noise"

I had that problem with Dead Space 1. Everytime something jumped out, there was this massive sound effect that was just annoying, they should have made better monster Sound affects over what they did.

Plus, I also found the monsters jumping out very predictable in DS1

I never played Dead space 2 due to that.

Harkins17211875d ago

Too bad they werent predictable. Since they had different paths they were taking in different rooms. Especially playing through the first time. You didnt know where everything was going to be.

Turn down the volume? How were they annoying. Its to let you know theres an attack coming or there watching you. People like you whine way to much over games.

grassyknoll1875d ago

The scariest thing about this game is the microtransactions.

strigoi8141875d ago

Im scared..scared of spending money to buy this and get dissappointed

Conzul1874d ago

Then duz that make DS3 a success in scaring us o_O