More Proof That Sony Might Indeed Be Revealing The PS4 On February 20th

GB: Earlier we had reported that Sony have released a new teaser video and if you are following the recent rumors, it is not hard to believe that Sony will be revealing PS3′s successor i.e. the PlayStation 4 on February 20th, 2013.

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TheLyonKing2139d ago

Am trying to not get my hopes up as it might be something else but its quite hard to do that if theres even a wiff of the ps4 being unveiled.

gameseveryday2139d ago

Well, Sony will be the ultimate troll if they dont reveal the PS4.

But they will.

profgerbik2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

You mean these journalist are trolling Sony by making everyone assume it will be about the PS4.

It's just ridiculous to jump to conclusions like that.

Even if I am wrong and it is about the PS4 I am still not going to set my expectations so high for it when none of us have any real insight into what it actually could be about..

Sure let's just get all pissed at Sony just because their fan base constantly confuses their teasers.

I mean this literally just happened everyone was assuming that God of War super bowl ad was something completely different and the same thing happened with PS: All Stars Battle Royal and every one also got all disappointed thinking it was Infamous teaser for the PS Vita..

Time will tell and I can't wait to rub it in peoples faces when it's not about the PS4, feel free to return the favor if I am wrong.

rainslacker2139d ago

I think your right people should maybe reserve their excitement a bit until more is known. However I don't believe it is a ridiculous assumption that is being thrown out there.

Obviously Sony knew how the market would take this trailer, and they wouldn't hold a big press event for a new game IP unless they really changed their views on marketing. The only other ace they have up their sleeve would be Gaikai, but this teaser just screams PS all around. They also know any other announcement that isn't next gen related would leave their fans and the media extremely hostile towards them and I doubt that's something they want to announce some new tech to.

xursz2139d ago

My guess is as good as any but I don't see it being new playstation hardware; possibly Gaikai reveal with announced games/movies or similar that will be available with it's launch later this year. It won't be a psvita re-model that some people suggested. It won't be a new ps3 model.

My best bet is probably an introduction to the new Gaikai service and showcasing.

aCasualGamer2138d ago

I've noticed something...

Type PS4 on youtubes searchbar. The first video on the results is the official Playstation channel and the video tease for 20th February.

Armyntt2138d ago

Problem lies in that now with it being 3 weeks away it has a chance to build even more excitement with people outside of gaming like investors. With mainstream non-niche vg sites saying its the PS4 Sony will lose money now if they dont reveal the PS4. It has to be an announcement, if not stocks are goin to drop.

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jujubee882139d ago

This is a machine many have waited for and Sony knows it.

GribbleGrunger2139d ago

I think that's wise. For me, the future of Gaikai would be just as compelling.

camel_toad2139d ago

Also don't want to get my hopes up but I will crap buckets of blood (in a good way) if they reveal it on the 20th.

nukeitall2139d ago

I think it is the PS Vita Go! :D

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AngelicIceDiamond2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I dunno folks this could be the real deal here. All these PS4 rumors circulating around, somethings bound to happen.

ASTAROTH2138d ago

I received the official SONY PLAYSTATION email of the video and its nammed... messages4. Did that 4 means something or it appeared on every email from SONY. go check your email acounts and clarify that please.

As the Darkness told Jackie ... SOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!

strigoi8142139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

i saw that one..the pic that was on the website..

but i saw the gaikai logo as well..the four squares?? or its MS?? lolz

AmkOwns2139d ago

This is what microsoft did now its time to pay back the favor

black9112139d ago

I dont think its the PS4. Its to soon. Too many current gen games have yet to be released.

PS4isKing_822139d ago

Ya but most of them are due by may. Which leaves more than half a year without any new games. Save for gta 5 that was just revealed to launch in sept.

Sony's biggest games of the year, the last of us and god of war are out soon.
Any other year those would be released around the holidays.

Ps4 will have a full on showing at e3 and Sony will use the second half of this year to build a crazy amount of hype.


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