What If You Met A Console At A Party?

GOS: "It’s Friday night, and you just got paid. Instead of a night of gaming you decide to attend a party. You walk into the front door and all of sudden you see video game consoles among the crowd. After the shock of human-sized consoles holding drinks subsides, you walk over to mingle with them wondering what kind of personality they would have.

Warning: The following was conceived out of pure fun. If the following consoles come across like someone you wouldn't want to share a beer with, then you aren't intoxicated enough."

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sdozzo2115d ago

If I met PS3 at a party... GhB. You know it.

ScytheX32115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

nintendo would be the pansy who will try to kick it with the rest but whose weenie ass character will surface soon enough, while sony and microsoft would be doggin each other being from different gangs =p and the og sega would just be chilling in a chair dealing drugs too all 3 others, with random other consoles chilling about =p lol

aliengmr2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Did you just use the word "weenie"... Deliberately?

live2play2114d ago

xbox would be the drunk slut who will get with anyone in the party just to get attention

ps3 would be the hot one who doesnt talk to nerds just the "cool" kids

wiiu would be the cute silent girl at the party who got dragged there by her more outgoing friends

thebudgetgamer2114d ago

I would say, show me your analog sticks.

kingPoS2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Hhaha ps2 sticks were always so easy to beat up. The rubber wore down quick on those ones.

2114d ago