Games To Look Forward To This Year

Last year was a fiscal year for gaming. Console sales down, not many hard-hitting games were released, and everyone just wanting next-gen consoles. Maybe it's because developers are busy working on some upcoming blockbuster games coming out this year? Let's break it down.

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Kevlar0091721d ago

I am most definitely getting Bioshock at release

Other than that, I'll save my money for one of the next gen consoles, since I have plenty of PC games to hold me over (+ Infinite)

contradictory1721d ago

MGS Ground Zeroes
the Last of Us
Bioshock: Infinite
Phantom Pain
Metal gear Rising

those are the ones i'm most excited for

1721d ago
Stoppokingme1721d ago

I wish they'd release another Watch dogs trailer, or some more info at least.