Why I think Final Fantasy 13 Failed

Clayton Donaldson expands on a conversation once held with Xander Davis as to what steps can be taken to save the Final Fantasy Series

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Godmars2902119d ago

FF13 fails because they couldn't use the hardware involved properly.

izumo_lee2119d ago

Also i read that the development of the game was in disarray. Each department did not agree in the direction the game was headed, and do you know is to blame for that.

Oh! the director Toriyama. It is his job to guide the team isn't it? It failed once he was named head of the main series.

wishingW3L2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

to this date I still don't understand how Square let that man direct the main FF series after FFX-2. The closest thing to a decent game that he has directed was Bahamut Lagoon and that game was a mess (only ultra niche nostalgia lovers dare to defend it).

I remember there was an interview with Sakaguchi about FF7 and he made fun of Toriyama because he always gave the weirdest ideas for the game and the team never agreed with him (he was against killing Aeris BTW). Sakaguchi gave some examples but I don't remember them now (edit: I remembered about one, the mistery panties! google it) and I tried to look for a link but couldn't find one but I think that after FFX-2 you should get my point. He just doesn't give a crap about consistency. lol

But what I fear the most is that if a FF7 remake ever happens you can be sure that Toriyama will be the one at the helm and he will ruin it.

Irishguy952119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Toriyama was responible for the first 4-5 hours of FF7/

He's not a terrible develpor, he's actually quite good, but ONLY if he has someone else to guide him through his own ****ed up mind.

Toriyama was apparently going too far with the Cloud cross dressing scene and wanted the infamous childrens panties in. Where everyone else went "Woah woah, this is WAY too far, what are you on Toriyama there are limits you sick bastard"

Well..yeah. Toriyama never deserved the position of lead producer I don't know what madness led to that.

Dwalls11712119d ago

Well financially ff13 did not fail it sold over 6million units I think...

But what stopped it from maybe selling 9 or 10 million was how much square enix dumbed down the was very popular at the time so square made the dumb decision to make this game multiplat....and due to the major technical limitations of 360, instead of putting their heart and soul, blood sweat and tears, throwing everything but the kitchen sink in it making it the huge deep experience we wanted....they dumbed it down and the product we got was ff13.....

ThanatosDMC2119d ago

It sold on name alone. FF13-2 didnt sell as much... I wonder why.

Same concept with Diablo 3. Sold 10+ million on name alone, but I highly doubt an expansion will sell as much after the crap they pulled by releasing an unfinished game.

Kalowest2119d ago

"I think Final Fantasy 13 Failed" because Motomu Toriyama was put in charge.

user39158002119d ago

Why it failed? Cause the game suck, I bought the first and finish it and to be honest, t was a linear game, with the lack of RPG worth been a jrpg. They tried to make it one way without branching off and to make matters worse, the playability nd level ups were awefull. It was like giving someone new and told them make an rpg of what you think it is, it lost the foundation from the first XI FF and what we have was pure garbage. Played the first. skip the second and now I will missed the third. Why? because they have zero vision, square suck now ever since the father of RPG was fired. Why ghe get fired? Because squaresoft wanted to make a movie and have hironobu do it, even when he told them the cost was too much and management did not care. This is what happens when management/executives and directors get inbolved, utter garbage comes out. Who gets fired? Employees of course its their fault. SquareEnix suck and squaresoft ruled.

Pozzle2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Putting the blame on its lack of PS3 exclusivity isn't the way to go. Square made an average game. And it probably STILL would have been an average game even if it was a PS3 exclusive.

There's no reason a games developer can't make a great game on ANY hardware. The hardware has nothing to do with the lousy story, confusing dialogue, monotonous gameplay and bizarre design choices. That's Square's fault.

Godmars2902119d ago

Really missing why most here agreeing with me, yet the disagrees.

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first1NFANTRY2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

It failed because it tried to appeal to a lager/casual audience instead of focusing on it's strengths from past iterations. Also the dvd9 format didn't help at all.

I played through a few parts at a friends house and i'm glad i still haven't bought it. There are better rpg's out there which could use the attention

Qrphe2119d ago

The choice of taking a break from the main storyline and screwing around everywhere in the world instead.
They went from making the most open-world FF game (XII) to the most linear one.

Outside_ofthe_Box2119d ago

***"They went from making the most open-world FF game (XII) to the most linear one."***

EXACTLY! FF13 failed because it was SUPER LINEAR. Huge step back from the open world of FF12 and not to mention the poor battle system.

animegamingnerd2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

who ever thought making a RPG linear was good idea should never work in this industry

Nerdmaster2119d ago

FFX was very linear and it's one of the best RPGs ever made. Linearity isn't the reason why FFXIII sucks.

Gamer392119d ago

Simply, boring and very linear.
I want old FF games style next-gen, VI, VII, VIII, IX. But i think its only dream..

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