What Did You Notice in the #PlayStation2013 Video?

PlayStation Euporia writes - "As PlayStation revealed what could possibly be the first promotional video for the PlayStation 4. As is the norm with promotional videos from any company, they are usually filled with dozens of “Easter Eggs” that can hint to various announcements or features. Let’s take a look at what we could see or hear in the latest PlayStation promotional video."

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konnerbllb2142d ago

Looks like we might have an announcement soon.

LackTrue4K2142d ago

anybody noticed that the lights hitting the ps symbols, the light that hit the O was yellow not red?!? just like all the others where ment to match the ones on the controllers....

blackbeld2142d ago


Be the first and win the war. PS2 was launched a year before came cube and xbox.

Denethor_II2142d ago


Be the first and win the war. PS2 was launched a year before came cube and xbox."

I don't think the PS3 could compete with the Wii because of the price point, even if it had launched first. And it has now surpassed the 360 so your statement is not necessarily true.

Ritsujun2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

PS4 announcement with the announcements of Uncharted4,Killzone4,Resistanc e4,GodOfWar4

and... inFAMOUS3 on PSVITA and inFAMOUS4 on PS4

i came from 20 Feb 2013, now bow before me

Sarcasm2141d ago

It's an ad, not a Kojima trailer. Some people just digging too deep.

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Donnieboi2142d ago

Quote from article that made me stop reading:

"As many of you know, the idea of having announcements at E3 might not be as likely due to rumors that the next-gen consoles would be announced before E3"

I don't think they'll wait until E3 either, but I sure as hell know that "rumors" don't have the power to dictate what Sony will or won't do. The author gives rumors too much credibility.

syanara2142d ago

Rumors do have credibility as they show the market criticisms as well as consumer thoughts on new products, Additionally everything about the article should be circumstantial based entirely on the title of the article as there is no "Absolute" evidence that this is PlayStation 4 at all. Purely a rumor and speculation article that is given for the entertainment and discussion value. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously.

aCasualGamer2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I agree with you that every rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, but there is always some truth to the rumors. There is a reason the industry is becoming more secretive as we entered 2013 and rumors are unfolding.

No titles, have been announced for 2013 fall. That is a first, there is always some titles announced for fall usually, and now there is none. That has to mean both Microsoft and Sony have "unannounced" titles for fall that they are keeping a closed lid on til the right moment.

GTA V getting a September launch just proves this. Rockstar wants their last "BIG" game release for a PS3/360 title to be grand finale. Just before gamers buy their new consoles they get to enjoy one last big supper.

Sony aren't ignorant, they know there are millions of fans listening and reading every word that's said about PS4 on the web and that fans are waiting. So, them releasing a "announcement" video tease is deliberate and a good PR strategy. Now... is it just a PR strategy or is their really an announcement of new hardware come 20th feb? Who knows?

Time will tell my friends. Just wish it was the 20th already.

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morkendo232142d ago

was disappointed instead of console all i seen was X,O,triangle,square.

nothing more.

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MultiConsoleGamer2142d ago

There's always a hidden message.

Bumpmapping2142d ago

Greatness PS=Gods gift to gamers.

EverydayGuy2142d ago

I say humanity gift to itself.

Conzul2142d ago

And on the 8th day, God created Playstation, that man might be happy after making woman happy.

Good_Guy_Jamal2142d ago

At one point I could have sworn I saw something that looked like this and I instantly went from 6 to midnight, excuse my crudeness.

AznGaara2142d ago

Yeah, while switching from button to button symbol you can definitely see a rectangular shape that doesn't fit in with the thickness of the square, x, triangle and O buttons.

mi_titan272142d ago

i noticed that too. it also looked like a blue light on the top left front

Gamer392142d ago

"..The company wants to reach back to one PlayStation which was at the top of its game during the PS2 era.."

I hope, my one favorite console ps2.