Sony Announced Their Event Today Because Nintendo's Financials Were Reported Yesterday

"It’s a designed move by the company. Anticipating negative financials by rival Nintendo reported yesterday in their quarterly report, Sony had today circled on their calendar for a while to drop the news of an incoming event."

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DaThreats2115d ago

Nintendo's failure brought spirits to SONY

TOGC2115d ago

Sony was like "We got this"

LOL_WUT2115d ago

Well played Sony, lets just hope they deliver

blackbeld2115d ago

20 days!

Let the fight Begin!

miyamoto2114d ago

come on guys PlayStation Meeting is always done at this time of year.

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Donnieboi2115d ago

Why should Sony care about Wii U as a basis for announcing PS4? Sony is in a whole other league.

araman2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

To core gamers maybe, but Sony's success this generation will depend very largely on their ability to woo back some casual audiences. That's not to say they will target the casuals, per se, but getting a piece of that pie has to be a key goal.

Qrphe2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Am I one of the few who finds all this trash-talking unnecessary?

I know there is excitement but let's be mature about this.

Ezz20132115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

i agree as much as i love to see PS4.. it's not good to trash-talk the competitors....i also don't want to get my hopes up about this
it might turn out to be something else
i will calm my self untill i see the announcement of ps4

i'm happy with ps3 anyway and ps4 is a day 1 for me when ever it come out

OmegaSlayer2114d ago

If they did it on purpose I will love Sony even more.

El_Assenso2114d ago

I think one of Sony's tactics by using this video clip was to instll a bit of panic into Microsoft and Nintendo, that they 'might' be releasing their new console soon....or sooner than expected. Gotta hand it to Sony, their subliminal messaging is superb at grabing peoples attention and getting people talking about all things Sony and PlayStation.

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SaffronCurse2115d ago

OMG They're finally bringing cross game chat !!!

AznGaara2115d ago

Its already on the Vita. lol

Ron_Danger2115d ago

Anyone who brings up cross game chat I immediately down bubble since that 2009 argument is so tired . We have it on the Vita and it's nothing special. I can't believe you Xbox fanboys are proud enough to pay for it

Bladesfist2114d ago

I love cross game chat, I use it on both skype and the vita for free and it is a big deal for me.

Bladesfist2114d ago

Cross game chat is important to me, I talk to my friends over skype most of the time as I am a PC Gamer but love seeing the feature on my Vita as well as Skype.

phantomexe2115d ago

I'll be picking up the ps4 day one but Sony should know by now to never count nintendo out. Nintendo has played this game longer then MS and Sony and they know the ropes. Let the consul wars begin lol.

Donnieboi2115d ago

That's the OLD Nintendo. The current "administration" (Under President Iwata) is a mess right now. He's been screwing up ever since the GameCube era and has been riding on the coat tails of gimmicks, and over-saturation of franchises (Iwata was in charge when Nintendo REALLY started to milk their franchises to death in the GameCube years (millions of par mario spinoffs). He got lucky with the first Wii (casuals), but he may not do so well with the Wii U (especially when both core gamers and casuals could care less).

blackblades2115d ago

Yes the company has but not the people that works within.

smashcrashbash2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Oh come on guys. That is a cheap shot. I am sure they didn't do it because of that. It's just a coincidence.But you have to admit this could put a damper on the Wii U. They had the only next gen console but now the PS4 is an option too.And if Microsoft is not far behind then they will have twice the competition.It was much better for them when they were the only one. Now developers are going to make a play for the PS4 and Next Xbox as well.

@ phantomexe .True but lets not also forget that it was Sony that edged Nintendo aside and sold more consoles then them for two generations. And that was before Sony had ever made a game console in their lives.Nintendo and Sega were the experts then too but they still fell pretty far.

Conzul2115d ago

Yes, if PS4 is announced this soon and it's big and people are happy, I predict it will completely destroy the Wii U.

tubers2115d ago

Not if it's priced much above the Wii U.

Think 3DS vs PSV.

Hicken2114d ago

That depends on whether or not value is seen at whatever price the PS4 comes out at.

Oh, and whether Nintendo hears the price of the PS4 and drops the Wii U's price, knowing they can't compete at the same price point.

Nevermind. Just tubers and his "stealth" trolling again.

jmc88882114d ago

Not when it costs more and only 2-3x more powerful as a Wii U.

Yet 1/5th to 1/15th as powerful as a PC built this summer. 1/5th if someone goes with a $400 GTX 770, 1/15th if someone is insane and wants TWO GTX 790's.

What people don't understand is, while all the console will be fun and worth the purchase, they aren't going to be very advanced using mid range PC parts from 2011.

PS4 will literally have the raw power of a GTX560ti.

Good, sure. But there's a lot better cards out, and the next line is coming in June.

Death2115d ago

Prior to the original Playstation launch, Sony produced the front loading SegaCD attachment. Shortly after, Nintendo had Sony devlop a CD add on for them to compete. When SegaCD sales tanked, Nintendo pulled the plug on the CD project. This was the catalyst for Sony to push their own console production. Before the hardware, Sony was also a developer of console games.

izumo_lee2115d ago

Don't forget Sony also provided the soundchip for the SNES. So all that awesome tunes that games like Megaman X, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, etc were enhanced by a Sony product. Crazy history is.

cee7732114d ago

nintendo pulled the plug because sony would own the masters to all games released on the add on, ninty said forget that and went to philips(for an add on) it didnt work out with them either and then thats when ninty dropped CD's all together

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