No, 1UP, Ni No Kuni IS the "saviour" of the JRPG

Digitally Downloaded writes: "let’s pretend for a second that people genuinely believe that Ni No Kuni is a saviour for a dying genre. The author, Bob Mackey, is still wrong. It is far easier to argue that Ni No Kuni is the most important thing to happen to the genre in a decade than it is to suggest it’s just another JRPG."

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Donnieboi2119d ago

No it isn't. It IS a great game, but Shin Megami Tensei games (including Persona 3 and 4) innovated in the genre, and kept JRPG's afloat even in the west, during a severe drought. Ni No Kuni just had more publicity backing it. But it is a great game too.

MattS2119d ago

If you surveyed 10,000 people and asked them if they had heard of SMT, and then asked them if they had heard of Ni No Kuni, I can guarantee you more would have heard of Ni No Kuni.

That's not to say that the SMT games aren't great, because they are. But they are very low-scale releases, and there for the fans, not the masses.

Ni No Kuni is getting mainstream press coverage. JRPGs very rarely achieve that now, and that's why Ni No Kuni is important. Not just because it's a good game.

Donnieboi2119d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

That's what I already said. But look at the mainstream coverage Persona 4 Golden edition got--it's HUGE. However, despite the publicity, P4G launched on the Vita (which I own). The Vita is selling TERRIBLY so many people will never play that amazing game. Ni No Kuni launched on PS3, the most popular console right now (especially due to it's amazing exclusives).

BOTH games are great, but Persona 3 and 4 is what kept interest in JRPG's in the West alive for the last 5-7 years. We shouldn't forget the impact that Atlus has had in convincing companies like Level-5 to take a chance and release great JRPG's here. SMT's reception here in the West is a very sobering thing that convinced some Japanese companies (like XSeed, NIS, etc) to bring their games here (some of which were even specially published, translated, voice acted, and marketed HERE in America/Europe BY Atlus because the Japanese trusted Atlus's judgement when they were told that Westerners STILL crave and desire JRPG's.

MattS2118d ago

Yes, we're pretty much agreeing with one another, lol.

SMT, GUST's RPGs, Nippon Ichi - the guys have kept the JRPG genre alive for fans of the genre in recent years.

Ni No Kuni is the first JRPG in years to have a chance of finding new JRPG fans. It's just a scale difference.

1UP guy is still wrong for not understanding that :P

Donnieboi2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

@ Matt: I agree too. I dunno what's with all the disagrees though. Atlus has been holding things down in the West and for that they should be crowned as the saviors of JRPG's in the West. Whether it be on portables or consoles.

People are overreacting to what some clown on 1up said.

Kalowest2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

"Ni No Kuni is getting mainstream press coverage. JRPGs very rarely achieve that now, and that's why Ni No Kuni is important."

And, that doesn't mean it's the Savior of JRPGs.
Great JRPGs have been coming out for years, mainstream or not; some came out last year.

"SMT, GUST's RPGs, Nippon Ichi - the guys have kept the JRPG genre alive for fans of the genre in recent years"

I find it F'ed up that those developers kept the genre alive and well, and level-5 and Ghibli are taking all the credit.I guess this is them making up for the White Knight Chronicles (series).

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DragonKnight2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

You're overselling SMT. When you look at the JRPG's that came out in the West, it's easy to try and say that SMT is what kept it afloat, but it really isn't. You're talking about a genre that's had very few console releases this gen compared to last. JRPGs remained alive on handhelds more than anything, and that has nothing to do with SMT. MattS is correct, only die hard fans know what SMT is, but most others don't or do and have no interest in playing it.

With Ni No Kuni it's a brand new IP that took JRPGs back to their roots so to speak, and THAT'S what's getting the attention, THAT'S why it's important. This game shows that there is still an interest in NEW JRPGs that follow the old styles. Anyone can make a familiar JRPG in a familiar style, it's expected, but when you hear that the formula is old from so many uninformed or stupid "gamers" and "journalists", you can't break that with a familiar game. You can only break that with a new game that gets a lot of attention and praise. SMT's quality is irrelevant if it's a niche offering.

phantomexe2118d ago

That was well said DragonKnight. I haven't decided weather i'll pick this game up yet but i do enjoy the older style.

Outside_ofthe_Box2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

If we start seeing tons of JRPGs with an over world on consoles I think it'd be safe to say that Ni No Kuni save the genre.

joab7772118d ago

While i agree with you and its seems stupid for us to be arguing about a great thing, Ni No Kuni could be a savior because of the console it released on, the companies involved, the exposure and the sheer quality. Persona Gold is great...and on the vita. Tales is in Japan...for now. Last story and xenoblade are on the wii. Fire emblem is a tactical jrpg...and there are upcoming games. But ni no kuni isdoing what FF should have done this gen...given us a beautiful hd jrpg experience. And if and when it is successful, we will get more...on consoles! Valkyria Chronicles was amazing...ine of my fav all time games, the next installments release on the psp. Why? If u want the genre to not only live on or thrive but to once again dominate and innovate, it must reach the most ppl possible. Ni no kuni is doing this. I have been asked more about this game on psn by my friends than any game in recent memory. Is it really that good? Is it legit or another so so game? Sould i buy it? Should i get my hopes up? Ni no kuni makes me hopeful because it may live soley in the niche world. It may break out as ppl take notice.

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dafegamer2118d ago

agreed with the article

VsAssassin2118d ago

^I agree with both of you, but I'm agreeing more with Matts here. Persona 4 Golden for the Vita is great, but this is the first time in years that a JRPG is getting world critical and sales acclaim.

One can argue that Xenoblade for the Wii can also be considered a savior of the genre of sorts, but most people have mindsets that the genre needs a revival on an HD console in an HD format. So I'm basing my statement on this.

Final Fantasy XIII could have pulled it off. Instead, SE opted for a more straight-forward approach with the game that angered away many established fans. However, this is not to say that it didn't gain new fans. Still, although FFXIII was a sales success, SE knows, and a lot of people know, that it fell too short when it comes to meeting JRPG standards.

So to a degree, yes, Ni no Kuni is deserving to be considered a Trojan Horse of the JRPG genre; a device that has high potential to penetrate the Western market once again.

MattS2118d ago

"Trojan Horse of the JRPG genre"

Love it. Brilliant visual image.

younghavok2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Xenoblade was/is the most important thing to happen to the genre this generation. It united gamers in a way that no other title in recent memory ever did.

Xenoblade did all these things that the article is talking about but we just pretend it didnt mean as much because it was on the Wii? Gtfoh! Operation Rainfall was huge, it was a movement. And it brought a critically acclaimed title here that everybody was talking about and alot of people still are. Considering it sold exclusively at only one store it did great numbers. But alas we ignore that because its cooler to like something from the PS3. I hope the game sells well but lets not blow it out of proportion

DragonKnight2118d ago

Demon's Souls did it better. It's a testament to word of mouth making a success out of a game, the community is nearly endless, and it made Atlus decide to keep up the PvP servers indefinitely. Xenoblade had those that united to get it localized (something the Type-0 fans haven't done yet, but still whine about), but if we're talking about an actual impact with lasting results, I'd have to say FromSoftware and Atlus did a lot more. Just my opinion of course.

izumo_lee2118d ago

That's the thing considering Xenoblade. There is no doubt that the game is a masterpiece in the JRPG genre. However it took an internet outcry for the game to even get localized by Nintendo.

A game of that magnitude should not need something like Operation Rainfall to get the attention it needed for Nintendo to listen. Nintendo should've published & released the game the minute it was announced. Did Nintendo honestly have little to no faith that the game will be a success in the west?

The same can be said with The Last Story & other games that needed Operation Rainfall. Something like that should not be happening if we want to put the JRPG back on the mainstream scene as it once was.

Recently the Tales producer is thinking about localizing games more often, Xseed is doing what they do best, NIS & Atlus are always trying their best. Only one company has not realized that yet which we probably know who that is.

izumo_lee2118d ago

What Ni no Kuni is a wake up call for Japanese developers that it is ok to stay traditional. You do not need to cater to western audiences with your gameplay & what not to stand out like a very significant studio is doing currently.

We all remember those JRPGs of the past that gave us the feeling of a grandiose adventure, the thought of connecting with that game to see it through to the end. FF6, Chrono trigger, Earthbound, FF4, FF7, etc all invoked those feelings. We remembered the hours spent losing sleep to make it to the next save point or see the next cut scene. We were drawn in to the character, the story, the music, believing that while playing you are making a difference in these characters lives.

Here's a test. Close your eyes & remember the JRPG that you are most fond of. Do you remember that feeling it gave you while playing? That is what Ni no Kuni & very few others this gen are capable of doing. We get lost in the game & forget for a moment that all the stress of our daily lives are gone.

Yes it is a debate whether Ni no Kuni is a 'saviour' of the genre. However what Ni no Kuni is doing is transcending gaming borders crossing over to mainstream audiences. That is what Final Fantasy 7 did way back when, although Ni No Kuni may not be a runaway smash like FF 7 was but it is at least making the rest of the non gaming audience take notice of it. Studio Ghibli is so well known & respected around the world & just the idea that they are involved with this game is a HUGE deal for the millions of fans of the studio. I wouldn't be surprised if Ni no Kuni will maybe cross over to film.

Ni no Kuni may not be a 'savior' but it is an important piece into making the JRPG genre as relevant as it once was. If in the next sales charts & we see Ni no Kuni on the list that is a big win for the genre. I hope it happens.

oakshin2118d ago

star ocean legand of dragoon is what u made me think of

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