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Submitted by Breadcrab 1031d ago | opinion piece

Could Sony revealing PS4 earlier than Xbox mean increased sales?

If Sony is releasing the PS4 ahead of the next Xbox, could it mean more sales for Sony's console? Michael Urban from looks to past trends and successes to analyze why this might be the case, while leaving the topic open for discussion.

Do you think that in terms of consoles, the early bird gets the worm? (Next-Gen, PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment, Xbox One)

DaThreats  +   1031d ago
Showing you have a very powerful hardware..
DA_SHREDDER  +   1031d ago
Not just that, but "teh gamz"
blackbeld  +   1031d ago
"It came first. It released in 2000, a year before the Gamecube or Xbox."

Yep PS2 released early. before gamecube and xbox.

PS4 bring it on now. Let the fight begin!
yewles1  +   1031d ago
"It came first. It released in 2000, a year before the Gamecube or Xbox."

Saturn came out first, PS1 won.

Dreamcast came out first, PS2 won.

360 came out first, Wii won.

You can only congratulate MS for having the first head-start console in decades to have naught crashed and burned...
showtimefolks  +   1031d ago
I don't think so, now releasing the system 3-6 months before could help a lot.

by revealing early you are giving MS all the attention at E3, now sony could talk about the new system and even show few game trailers but than finish everything by saying see it all at E3.

Nintendo basically held on to E3 attention for 2 years.

I do believe this, if ps4/xbox720 come out the same day than playstation brand would get a lead early and only build on it. PS3 came a full year after xbox yet has osold it from day one and that was with a high price point and not a lot of games and to top all that ps3 was very hard to develop for

easy development tools
have a lot of games
new and improved PSN
cross game chat that so many have wanted
make psn:plus even better if it all possible

show Ready at Dawn's new gen title
show sucker punch's new title
show Gt6
Show next Uncharted
Show Killzone 4
reboot syphon Filter
PS All star battle royal 2
Kojima on stage to show next MGS(won't be exclusive)
show david jaffe's next game
show QD next game and announce sony has bought QD
proper Ratchet and clank game for ps4

Finish The Last Guardian and release it day on with ps4, sony sent some of its top developer talent to japan late last year to help finish the game. So th is a huge possibility that this could be on ps3/ps4. Stop playing with our feels either confirm the game is gonna come or cancel it

santa monica studios has 2 teams, what is the other team working on?

what about sony japan?

man i am so excited for ps4 lol.

now this maybe my personal fan wish, but i hope the rest of developers for Darksiders team join Santa Monica and sony buys the Darksiders IP and have the GOD OF WAR team work on Darksiders 3

bottom line:

sony did a lot wrong this last gen yet still are on pace to sell more system than the other 2, and most consider ps3 to have the best exclusives. so just learn from your past mistakes and make proper improvement for strong future for sony and playstation brand
insomnium2  +   1031d ago
I agree 100%. Great comment!
Saigon  +   1030d ago
The only part I disagree with is the fact if they show the console in Feb. I disagree because it won't give MS all the attention. If they choose to show the system and reveal a few games at the same time while releasing important tools to the devs all during this event in Feb, E3 could be a game fest for Sony and gamers. I think this will allow gamers to see what is offered.

For me this will be a deal breaker on what system I get first, that is if both systems come out during the same time period of Holiday 2013.
BLAKHOODe  +   1030d ago
Feb 20 could be a quiet reveal, without getting into the hardware specs. Save the big reveal for E3, as people will tune in to see just what all the PS4 can do. In this way, it'll be on level with Microsoft, as people will tune in to see how Microsoft retaliates. It doesn't necessarily give Microsoft the edge.. if anything, I think it puts them on par. Ultimately, the consumer decides.
smashcrashbash  +   1031d ago
Well it won't necessarily guarantee more sales but it will give them more time to establish themselves and attract customers as well as get in direct competition with the Wii U before Microsoft does.
Donnieboi  +   1031d ago
I'm not trolling, but I don't know if Wii U even needs to be addressed by Sony. Seriously, Wii U may not even be a factor to Sony. Their eyes are set on dominating real next gen hardware.
jmc8888  +   1030d ago
Well Wii U does factor in. The same was said last gen and the Wii cleaned their clocks and forced them to respond with their own motion controls.

'Real next gen hardware'? That doesn't mean much. The strongest hasn't always won.

Wii U is 576 Gflops (0.5776 Tflops)
720 (rumored) 1200 GFlops (1.2 Tflops)
PS4 (rumored) 1800 GFlops (1.8 TFlops)

So PS4 is only 3x stronger roughly than the Wii U, meaning aside from exclusives the Wii U will run the same games, just at lower settings.

The Wii couldn't do that and still won. The Wii U can. That doesn't mean it will win. It just means it has more of a reason to be a factor than last time.

But when you say 'real next gen hardware' and notice the TFlops, just remember the following

GTX 670 2650 GFlops or (2.65 TFLops)
GTX 690 5650 Gflops of 5.65 TFlops
GTX 690 (SLI) >10 TFLOPS
Nvidia Titan (february release) ????
GTX 770 ????
GTX 780 ????
GTX 790 ????
GTX 770, 780, 790 in SLI (either dual or tri) ????

So when you say 'real next gen' hardware you are talking about basically a GTX 560ti for 720 and a GTX 580OC for PS4.

No, it wasn't like this between PC and consoles when PS3/360 launched. They were much, much, much closer to PC's.

Another way to look at is this....

Summer 2013 PC will have a greater gap between PS4 than the PS4 will have over the Wii U.

So what exactly is 'Real Next Gen Hardware'???

I understand you're not trying to troll, just saying there are some pretty big misconceptions about things.

360/PS3 can run 'next gen' games if they want to. They already are with Crysis 2 and 3, and Battlefield 3. Both those run on those systems, and have versions that suck up a lot more power, even more than what the PS4 is supposed to bring.

Also as a reminder Watch Dogs and Samaritan Demos ran using three GTX 580's, not one like the PS4 or not the GTX 560ti like a 720.

It's very possible a mid range summer 2013 PC will pull 4-5 TFlops and a top end 2013 PC will pull close to 15 TFlops. Compared to that 1.8 of PS4 and 1.2 of 720 are beat pretty heavily.

They'll all still be good, but it does question something as 'next gen' good when it's surpassed so much before it even comes out on the PC side, even the mid range, single GPU card for $399-599 side (i.e. GTX 770 and 780). Or when you realize the GTX 670 that cost $399 last summer or 1 1/2 years before the launch throws 2.65 TFlops out.
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BitbyDeath  +   1031d ago
Releasing earlier does genereally give one a sales advantage but for all we know the next Xbox could have a Wii effect with Kinect 2 and fly off the shelves.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1031d ago
Sony are playing there cards right.

Related video
jukins  +   1031d ago
in the us i think whoever is first at least with the xbox and playstation, will possibly have increased sales but this time around with sony probably launching around the same time as xbox and not having a $600 (hopefully) launch price tag will definetly help. But what will really help if sony leverages its content to its advantage, the games the movies the music they can do it all it just has to come together smoothly.
BLAKHOODe  +   1030d ago
I think it's important for Sony to match Microsoft in price or be cheaper. Parents are going to take the cheapest option (like they did with the Wii).. and IF the new Xbox and PS4 release Holiday 2013, dimwitted parents not knowing any better might still go with the likely more cheaper Wii U, boosting Nintendo's sales. Both consoles have a huge fanbase, but I think kids tend to favor Xbox, so it'll probably do better at Christmas time than the PS4, regardless of it's price.
jukins  +   1030d ago
this is kinda true. but , and i hate to say this, apple has shown that if you market it right and make people think you cant do it with any other device you can get away with a higher premium. but yea i agree at least with the states its very important for sony to at least match the next xbox price.
jacksheen0000  +   1029d ago
I disagree, Parents buying the cheapest Game system for their kids was a thing of the past.

Hell, I've seen many parent buy their kids a $500-700 Iphone.

So parents getting their Kids a ps4/720 shouldn't be an issue.
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ScubaSteve1  +   1031d ago
sony said their mistake was letting Microsoft go first
Funky_Homosapien  +   1031d ago
Only thing that will increase sales is good game launch line up & maybe price.
BanBrother  +   1031d ago
Umm, does a bear shit in the woods??.... no really DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS??I'm freakin out man, who is hiding this information? Dem governments!! O.o
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1031d ago
Sony is very bullish at the moment. They're bold and confident. They are playing a really strong game.

Sony has put a lot of money into a Super Bowl at for GoW: Ascension. This means they're supremely confident in the quality of the game. Let's face it, Super Bow ads aren't cheap.

Then just 18 days later they're potentially going to reveal their new console to the world, several months before the E3 Expo, and also well ahead of Micrsoft and Valve.

This is the most popcorn worthy moment in recent gaming history!
Donnieboi  +   1031d ago
Good point--Man they should have used that money to announce PS4 instead on Superbowl Sunday. Not that GOW isnt a great game (the Beta was fun!), but a SuperBowl announcement of PS4 would just be epic and would reach MILLIONS of people in an instant. Especially if it had footage/tech demo of a next-gen Madden (to coincide with the SuperBowl/Football). I'm not a football fan, but everybody watching superbowl would've been SOLD to the PS4 .
Gamer39  +   1031d ago
Yes, Sony to release the new system first(2013)its a good move, but good game launch line up very important.
JeffGUNZ  +   1030d ago
The question was REVEALING first. That's the problem, who cares who reveals it first, it all comes down to when each console will actually be RELEASED and what the PRICE POINT will be. All sources point for the Nextbox to be announced E3 and released fall of 2013. Until this news of the possible reveal coming 02/20, everyone and their mothers didn't expect it to launch till 2014. Their is nothing we can do but just wait and see.
Killzoner99  +   1031d ago
They know what they're doing. The Playstation brand has been the best selling console of the last three generations and will be again in the 4th. The WiiU won't be an obstacle , just a drop in the bucket but I'm curious to see how Microsoft goes on the defensive once the PS4 is officially announced.
JeffGUNZ  +   1030d ago
Most sold systems this generation:

1. Wii
2. 360
3. PS3

In all due respect to Sony, Microsoft from where they were from their original xbox to this generation is astonishing and a well accomplished task.
ironmonkey  +   1031d ago
everything that was wrong with ps3 which ended up being better later on will be right and better with ps4 at the start. not sure what the hell ms is planning but hopefully they got something.
nevin1  +   1031d ago
Could be a Kinect Fest.
evilhasitsway  +   1031d ago
i do beleive that ms was making the same mistake as nintendo using to much kenect and not enough of the system its self you dont really see sony pushing the move do you or the eye camera they did alittle but then noticed it was the right thing. they have done fine so far lets just see how things work out.
YodaCracker  +   1031d ago
Of course you don't. Move was not even remotely near as successful as Kinect, let alone the Wii, so why would Sony give it as much support?
deadfrag  +   1031d ago
Sony will rule next generation because it will hAVE the best exclusives and they are more focus on giving the best game experiences to people that buy the PS4, and not because of the console power.M$ will have a real problem not just because Sony will lauch first or announces the PS4 first but because they dont have the same games quality and are not gears to what a console should be good,Giving great GAME experiencies to gamers ya,not to mention that people already know how crap Kinect his;Kinect dont bring nothing new to the table is a gimmick that sold well because of the marketing m$ made,M$ is focusing is next console on media apps and casual Gimmick not to mention that 90% of the apps they have are only for the US market,they have a payed online that is not going to work or make the same income that made this generation because people are not stupid,i actually think that microsoft is not even worry about gaming or making the next xbox a gaming machine they are more into making the next xbox like a hub and fight for the media market with Tv applicacions out of the next box and tons of adds,games are going to be neglected for the most part and thats going to be the ruin of them.Another thing that im actually starting to note is that Sony is actually making progressions in marketing there products better and thats also a plus for them.I frankly would like competition between brands because that is good for gamers and buyers but if M$ dont make some severe changes on the way there programe is going to reach the gaming comunity i think they are already dead out of the get go,they can get a piece of the US market but in the rest of the world Sony will rule supreme along with nintendo and there fans supporters.
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hazardman  +   1031d ago
You may be right maybe this time around PS4 will be in the lead not that I care because I'm buying both. But I think you underestimate Kinect when it come to kids. My kids don't want a PS4 they want kinect 2 cause believe it or not theirs a lot of kinect kids games and dance games. The xbl has that kinect sesame street app dude that shit it gonna sell. I have to buy 2 next box and 1 PS4. ..damn them new consoles hurts my pockets..
Bathyj  +   1031d ago
I dont think the reveal matters as much as the release.

MS owe 90% of their good fortune this gen to simply going first, even with an unfinished console. It just didnt matter when youve got a years head start because it was either buy this or wait til youve had another birthday.

Im hoping PS4 releases in time for Christmas.
JeffGUNZ  +   1030d ago
I agree on your first statement about release. Also, add price point to that too.

I disagree with its success being from a year early. I think the big advantage was Microsofts stellar and huge advertising they do for their system and games. Also, Sony shot themselves in their feet with how they made the PS3 difficult to develop for (in regards to multiplats). I own both, but only play exclusives on the PS3 and all exclusives and all multiplats on the 360.
Pillsbury1  +   1031d ago
1080p, 60 fps, amazing exclusives?! Bring it Sony!
level 360  +   1031d ago
Sony wouldn't just come out with a game console when they released the PS3.. I'm pretty sure a company with their stature would always have "future-proofing for other media uses" at the back of their minds.
And it shows when they beat Microsoft at the format-wars with Blu Ray and after a couple more years the application of 3D technology.

So this time around their format is still the standard and will evolve with 4K tech just around the corner which the PS4 will again benefit.

Think this is the reason why they're coming in first.
DarkBlood  +   1031d ago
you know what would be great "legend of dragoon" come on sony YOU CAN DOOO IT :P
Cam977  +   1031d ago
joefrost00  +   1031d ago
The xbox failed ok
MS gain 10x more market share than they planned and ps3 loss quite a bit of market share
Go ask sony if they think they won
God n4g is full of irrational ps3 fanboys
Insane087  +   1031d ago
people get a case of the I wants new tech makes people a bit crazy so ps4 releasing first could be a good move I know thats why alotta my mates got the 360 cause it was out first
TwistedMetal  +   1031d ago
ps4 horseman son. this will be awesome i cant wait! GTA5 ps4 edition with pc quality graphics.
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black911  +   1030d ago
Price and games are all that matter.if the ps4 launches first. And microsoft launches the next xbox a few months later priced at $250 bundled with halo 5. You'd know what to expect.
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the new king 74  +   1030d ago
They have to announce ps4. I feel its a strategic move to regain marketshare in the US where they were beat pretty handily this Gen. Its important to announce first & launch first.
Dlacy13g  +   1030d ago
I don't know what advantage or disadvantage either MS or Sony will get by announcing first or second this go round given we fully expect both companies to launch their consoles around the same time. The real key this time is going to center around the offerings from the machines...not just games but also feature sets as they are going to also have to compete with the likes of the Steam Box who's value proposition seems to be growing rapidly.
stage88  +   1030d ago
Lets hope so.
Dlacy13g  +   1030d ago
Another thing to consider... would this early of an announcement impact PS3 sales moving forward?
BLAKHOODe  +   1030d ago
It didn't hurt the PS2's sales. The system still sold well up til it's demise this past December.

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