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It will be like the PS Vita reveal in February 2011 at the same event, released at end of the year in Japan, and at the beginning of 2012 allover the world. The same will happen with PS4, eventhough I think Sony will shoot for a worldwide release at the end of 2013 to compete with the Xbox 720, maybe November 2013 in Japan and December 2013 for the rest of the world.

chadboban2140d ago

Seems quite likely, but as usual we'll have to wait and see.

February is turning out better than I expected. I get to play a new Fire Emblem for the first time in years, the sequel to probably my favorite platformer of this generation, Rayman Origins is being released, a new Sly Cooper game is finally coming out, my birthday is on the 10th, and to top it all off I may just get my first glimpse of the PS4. I can't wait!

Dylila2140d ago

i will be home on february 20 and i know i wont be sleeping on the 19th. i dont know if its a school day or work day and i dont care, ill be home waiting for the announcement of "the future".


blackbeld2139d ago

PS2 released in 2000, a year before the Gamecube or Xbox.

Release PS4 early and you win again.

Let the fight begin!

r212139d ago

Happy early birthday, hope enjoy the upcoming games dude :D

Red_Orange_Juice2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I highly doubt Japan will get PS4 first, their home console market seems to shrink. I wouldnt be surprised if they launched PS4 in US/EU and then in Japan. This time around they need to make a strong debut in their main markets.

juandren2139d ago

@r21: I bubbled you up just for being a nice guy. Don't bubble me down for being off-topic please :/

chadboban2139d ago


Awww thanks man. Your a pretty cool dude.

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Freak of Nature2139d ago

The future is closer than I thought just a few minutes ago....

I thought it would be shown a couple weeks or so before E3. Or at GDC in March at the earliest...

Exciting year for games huh? Perhaps I can be a bit greedy and ask them to show a glimpse of the new Media molecule IP for the PS4? Maybe the new PS4 mascot will be from this game, that would be a great way to kick things off. Oh and another few games too while I am in dream mode...

miyamoto2139d ago

yup i think its official

corrus2139d ago

Actually they had show Vita for the first time 17th January

bub162139d ago

its gaikai, online streaming game service, there are gona be alot of people PISSED on the 20th!

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Ezio20482139d ago

swear....!! I can't build on more hype for anything than a NEW console from Sony...! :D :D

jacksheen00002139d ago

Right ON! I can't wait For Sony to announced the PS4. It's going to be a great year for gaming. 2013 :)

NastyLeftHook02140d ago

i can see it already....

play 4 free

time 4 a revolution

games 4 everyone

playstation 4.


Yes the term "4,four,for" will be recurrent and used to express their new slogans.

Good_Guy_Jamal2140d ago

2nd one was kinda lame, rest of them are pretty solid. 4ndle yourself. You've earned it tentonsoftube.

Prodigy-X2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

OMG I can't wait for this. My Body Is Ready!!!!!!!!!

2/20/13 R.I.P Wii U

chadboban2140d ago

I'm excited for the PS4 as well but I won't count the Wii U out just yet. We made that mistake with the 3DS when the Vita was announced, and look how that turned out. The market is becoming harder and harder to predict these days so I wouldn't make that call just yet.

Still can't freaking wait for the PS4 though. Hope they show off some launch titles. Doubt we'll get a price though. Possibly at E3.

Prodigy-X2140d ago

Nintendo got away with the 3DS because they cut the price when they saw the PS Vita specs and price point at E3. That's the only reason why the 3DS is selling well along with the help of Mario.

Eldyraen2139d ago


Once the Wii U has some 'real' Nintendo games, we'll find out just how dead it is. Its still basically surviving on 2d staples and some basic Wii games gone HD. A 3d Mario, Mario Kart, SMB, Zelda, Wii Fit, etc will pick up sales I bet as those are what people with Nintendo consoles want most. I may actually pick one up once I see a decent Zelda release.

I doubt it will ever compete with Wii in sales by any means but I bet it will outsell the Gamecube still ;) The fact is, the Wii was a fluke and if Nintendo honestly expected that to happen again they were being delusional. In the long run I expect sales to be much closer to 360/PS3 than Wii numbers but still much higher than the generation before them (PS2 excluded naturally).

chadboban2140d ago


Well, yeah there's that and the fact that the 3DS now has a pretty decent lineup of games as well. Now that you mention it though, maybe the same is likely to happen here.

Think about it, lets say Sony prices the PS4 to compete with the Wii U, and Nintendo pulls a 3DS and cuts the price, that in combination with the fact that Nintendo will likely release a new Mario Kart and 3D Mario game at the end of the year along with whatever they announce at E3 and we may perhaps see a repeat of the 3DS/Vita incident. However unlike with the 3DS, there is a third player involved, Microsoft. That could really change how this situation could go. Just Trying to realistic here man.

Still doesn't hamper my excitement though. Can't wait to see what Sony shows off. Love both Sony and Nintendo, don't want to see either of them fail.

KrisButtar2139d ago

I don't think nintendo would drop the Wii U price as they are selling at a loss. They have stated this many times. This also could be a vita push as well with the ps4 in showing off both systems with their cross play, remote play, etc.

juandren2139d ago

Remember the 3DS has a lot of third party support that is entirely independent of the PS Vita. I don't see EA bothering dumbing down Dragon Age 3, Battlefield 4, Mass Effect etc. for the Wii U once the two "top dogs" release. Same with other publishers and their flagship series. Only reason Wii U is getting the likes of Mass Effect and COD now is because it is comparable to current-gen consoles in terms of graphics. But that's just my two cents

Good_Guy_Jamal2140d ago

Did we learn nothing from the VITA? People were calling for 3DS obituaries when the VITA was first announced/teased, look how that turned out.

RTheRebel2139d ago

same thing will happen here
vita will destroy 3ds
yea doing a great job at it lol

r212139d ago

That was before the price cut. Once priced at similar prices, people veered more to the vita.

supremacy2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

well traditionally Sony hasnt put too much stock in their handhelds like Nintendo does. However when it comes to their Home consoles they are second to none in support and even get more than Nintendo. THATS THE DIFFERENCE.

So no, the vitas woes have little to nothing to do with how the ps4 might perform under similar circumstances.

I mean there are just a lot more people waiting for a home console from Sony than they are for their handheld, heck dont take my word for it; just ask around.

Psone,ps2 and ps3 all have tremendous support and thats evident by their catalogue of games.

Both the psp and vita have suffer in this area, so the same cant be applied. Now in 2013 is when we are starting to see some effort put into supporting the vita, so after this year we will see how it turns out.

But to your point, yeah the ps4 is likely to cost more than the wiiu and can potentially be a factor down the stretch; but i fear next gen is going to have similar faces supporting similar parties all over again. Sony and MS are more likely to get the lions share of third party support, despite arriving later at a higher price tag.

Thats not a fact, but just my guess based on a number of indicators.

Gamer392139d ago

I'm excited for the PS4 and i like ps brand, but your comment very sad and childish. Sorry.

2/20/13 R.I.P Wii U?? Why? C'mon man..
WiiU its good and nice console and cool gaming coming this platform.

Ps4, new Xbox same.

Deku-Johnny2139d ago

Are you related to Pachter?

Prodigy-X2139d ago

Are you related to a Smurf?

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smashcrashbash2140d ago

Wait wait wait wait.Hold the phone.So it's true? They are going to reveal the PS4? Is the Wall Street Journal known for giving out wrong information or having bad sources? Because if this is true then it all makes sense. The spec leaks, the sources saying that PS4 is the name,inviting all the investors, all the rumors about next gen games for it.Oh my gosh my hands are shaking. Please don't let this be a lie. I am so amped and hyped up right now. Don't bring me crashing down.Show us the PS4 FTW!!!! Please.

MattS2139d ago

I do hope you're joking regarding your question about the quality of the Wall Street Journal.

I really, truly, hope you're joking :-/

smashcrashbash2139d ago

I don't live in the United States or read the Wall Street Journal or know of their practices.Why is that is hard to believe?