A Recap of Every PlayStation Console and Handheld Announcement

With Sony basically teasing a PlayStation 4 announcement this February, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan look back at all the PlayStation hardware reveals so far.

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Foolsjoker1937d ago

It really is odd how we go through the same motions every generation.

T3mpr1x1936d ago

I love it! New hardware always makes me giddy.

TrendyGamers1937d ago

All I remember about Dark Sector is the glave.

Foolsjoker1937d ago

The glave actually came later, when they redesigned the game. Originally, Dark Sector looked more like a take on Deep Space, than it did the Gears of War meets Zelda game no one bought.

nevin11937d ago

I remember liking the Dark Sector demo.

How was the entire game?

Foolsjoker1937d ago

It had a ton of potential, but it was obvious that the direction of the game was an afterthought.

dbjj120881937d ago

Almost makes new hardware seem... Mundane.

Y_51501937d ago

Playstationloves tradition.
Sony had released the PSP a year before the PS3.
Expect the same for the PSVita and PS4.

TwistedMetal1937d ago

The Ps4 will bring balance back to the force of gaming. I think those who lost there way with the x360 will come back to the internation variety of games that sony playstation console have. Kingdom hearts hd remix, ni no kuni, one piece muso 1&2, Disgea 4 and tons of more games only on the ps3 and those arent even first party. You anime, manga, kpop, rpg lovers know what console you should have and that console is the playstation console.