Why Sony may not reveal the PS4 on Feb. 20th

Recent Sony statements about letting Microsoft make the first move in regards to next-gen console reveals should be taken into consideration with their Feb. 20th meeting to reveal the 'future' of Playstation.

Their big announcements may not have anything to do with the PS4 at all, as Gimme Gimme Games makes the argument that their new console may not be revealed at that event. They say that new Vita game reveals as well as a redesign of Sony's struggling handheld may be what we see on Feb. 20th.

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Nitrowolf22145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

well that was fast
“Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Truth be told, Sony could announce the console, show a game, and not reveal any specs or other details. It'll keep us in the dark still and MS. Pricing would be nice though and if it's low enough could potentially trick competitors.

Not that Competition is bad BTW, MS and Sony have pushed each other a lot this gen. I don't see SOny being where they are with the PS3 without MS and Vice Versa.

Soldierone2145d ago

They did that with PS3. First unveil of the console was almost nothing like what we got. It was really high end, then it was about a year later they "confirmed" what it was for sure.

If they announce it, that will at least allow people to start pre-ordering and getting hype up and force MS to play their card.


personally i belive sony and MS have a good idea of each others specs from their joint contacts in the game industry.

PockyKing2145d ago

Lol, you know when a site wants a quick cash in for hits.

Shadow Flare2145d ago

That site should just be called

PockyKing2145d ago

Well, I mean I'm fine with a site posting something like this, but actually put some thought into it, just reading it is obviously written for a quick hit grab.

WolfLeBlack2145d ago

Well, it's certainly working. This article is generating hits fast!

On one hand, hats off for jumping on the this so damn quickly, and on the other hand absolutely zero hats off for writing a pretty bloody pointless article.

wishingW3L2145d ago

these guys didn't waste any time. XD

Bumpmapping2145d ago

Next up "Why Sony will reveal the PS4 on Feb 20th"

Protagonist2145d ago

Would not be surprised but I expect Sony to reveal it at the E3.

smashcrashbash2145d ago

Why is this so hard to believe? We have been getting leaks and specs for a while now and this could just be a confirmation of what we have been hearing.We are not saying it is a PS4 for sure but they wouldn't be inviting investors if it wasn't something important.And like someone pointed out they revealed the VITA at one of these things so a new console is not that unbelievable.And besides wouldn't this be a good way to throw your competitors off balance? Say you are going to wait and then BAM! The PS4. No matter how much you deny it it would shake up Microsoft and Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.