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Three Games The Single Players Should Look Out For In February

Alas, the first month of 2013 has run its course, and it has given us a substantial start to this year of gaming. While January wasn’t exactly teeming with over the top releases and major AAA titles, we did get to experience the new DMC:Devil May Cry, as well as the cel-shaded adventure JRPG Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. February 2013 is going to be a huge improvement content-wise. There’s going to be a strong blockbuster hit or two pretty much every week starting next Monday. Since there are so many different games coming out this month, over a wide range of genres, we figured we’d narrow it down to three that you should definitely keep an eye out for. (3DS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Riderz1337  +   538d ago
DigitalRaptor  +   538d ago
Trust Sony to delay it in Europe to the same month as God of War: Ascension and near enough the same day as BioShock Infinite.

Sly 4 not just deserves, but NEEDS recognition. Hopefully it'll get it in North America in Feb, although with Dead Space 3 and Metal Gear Rising, I'm not sure it'll stand out. Selling it for $40 was definitely needed.
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knowyourstuff  +   538d ago
Yeah, because if you're actually going nuts for a game made for 7 year olds, you're most definitely a single player... lmao
DigitalRaptor  +   537d ago
@ knowyourstuff

If you've ever played a Sly Cooper game, you'll know what makes the game great. Most of the audience who are looking forward to this sequel are those gamers that either grew up playing the original games, or those who simply liked them as mature adults looking for fun. Who cares if its aesthetic makes it LOOK kiddy? The same can be said for Ni no Kuni. If a game is fun and has substance then who cares if you believe it's made for 7 year olds? The game is a sublime modern stealth platformer and that's based on the demo and all that has been revealed so far.

Plus, that doesn't even make sense. What does a game that is "made for 7 year olds" have to do with being a single player game? Wii Sports is a game that can be described as "made for kids" yet it's multiplayer and it's as fun as hell! Who the f*ck cares?
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Omar91  +   538d ago
already bought mine on amazon cant wait to play as sly once again
PockyKing  +   538d ago
I wonder how much better the sales will be since it's only 40 bucks. I used a $20 amazon credit I was saving so hopefully it's worth it. (DUH) haha :P
maniacmayhem  +   538d ago
My son has a 3DS, I will be "borrowing" it for Fire Emblem: Awakening ;)
Norrison  +   538d ago
Dead space 3 and Fire Emblem for me.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   538d ago
Fire Emblem and sly4. Already paid off sly thru Amazon.
MelonSaurus  +   538d ago
Apparently Amazon has a shipping delay on Fire Emblem. Said the estimated date was February 6th for me. I'm gonna get it through another means cause I need it Day 1. NEED IT!
r21  +   538d ago
Sly Thieves in Time for me :D But where are the commercials Sony?!
Oh_Yeah  +   538d ago
Crysis 3, Sly Cooper, Metal gear revengence, and dead space 3. February is looking good.
black911  +   538d ago
Sly is only $40 so I'm gonna find a deal or coupon somewhere.
ThatKanadianKid  +   538d ago
40 isn't already a deal?
omi25p  +   537d ago
Im spending nearly £200 on games this month

Alien Colonial Marines: £70
Crysis 3: £40
Hitman HD Trilogy: £40
Possibly Dead Space 3 by trade in.
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