Pachter: Sony Inviting Investors & Media To PlayStation Meeting

Michael Pachter anticipates a new hardware unveiling from Sony come Feb. 20th.

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smashcrashbash2142d ago

If they are inviting investors to it it has to be at least something important if not a PS4. But if it is a PS4 that will just be awesome. People keep saying it CAN'T be a PS4. But we have had so many leaks about a PS4 and it's specs. Why is it so unbelievable? This could just be a confirmation of what we have been seeing.

LOGICWINS2142d ago

It is. Sony's making up for past grievances and getting the jump on Microsoft this time around.

bicfitness2142d ago

It has to be a new console announcement. I didn't think that they would be bold enough to jump MS. I mean, interviews implied that they would, but to do it so soon before E3 is quite the coup. Pretty impressive. Perhaps this will be a more exciting generation than I'd anticipated.

Didn't they announce the Vita at an investor's meeting in Jan/ Feb 2011? I could have sworn that they did but can't seem to Google a link.

Nimblest-Assassin2142d ago

Even though I hope for PS4... Im keeping my expectations low

It could just be a preview event for the games coming out this year, or new PS3 games

Im keeping my expectations low, so I don't get burned

Dylila2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

i cant wait for the ps4 . ill buy two ps4 on day one. i use to laugh at people camping out for hours to buy things but id camp out to buy two ps4 the first second theyre available for sale.

we all know when next gen starts, it starts with ...

LackTrue4K2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Sony said, "we are gana let MS announce there's first"
i think Sony set them up, so they sit back on it a little...and then BAM Sony drops it on them.
MS will struggle and released there's out, and have a hole new RROD for the new gen.

@pedroyamato....they still support it, the same thing happen with the ps2
"quit trolling here"

Jobesy2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Or it could be a Gakai related announcement. Nobody still knows for sure what Sony intends to do with them. Personally, I'd rather have a Gakai announcement and a PS4 unveiling at E3.

BitbyDeath2142d ago


Gaikai would be used for a lot more than just Playstation.

This announcement is Playstation related, hence why it had playstation symbols on the video and not Gaikai/Sony symbols.

Gaikai is not Playstation.

DragonKnight2142d ago

Ok, I guess it'll have to be me.

Patcher? How do you get the name wrong in the title, and description, when the tag has it spelled correctly?

MikeMyers2142d ago


Gaikai may not even be called Gaikai anymore since Sony bought them.

BitbyDeath2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )


It's still a tool for other products, you would not put the tool before the product.

Hence the saying putting the cart before the horse.

Also why would investors be invited to see Gaikai in use? The money comes from the products not the tools, may as well predict it'd be about Home on the PS4. It wouldn't make sense.

Not sure if you saw but the conference is to be streamed from the Playstation blog as well so it is definitely about Playstation.

xursz2142d ago

I can't be the only one who doesn't expect a new console to be announced.

Dylila2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Patcher- Sony invited investors and media to see "the future"

blackbeld2142d ago

Lucky for Michael Patcher.

Funny he still got invited after many trolls.

hazardman2142d ago

How you figure they pulled a fast one on MS when Kaz announced" Let MS come out first", was already after Major Nelson had put the countdown up for their own reveal. These companies already had their set days for a while now. Reveals and probably have them in our hands for the holidays. I'm definitley preordering day 1!! I can't have Gamestop telling me, I have to be on waiting list cause all preorders are soldout! They both will be awesome events and I can tell that excitement on the these is Crazy right now, it just one big mosh pit!!!

shinrock2141d ago

just because they announce 1st doesn't mean they will ship 1st.

inveni02141d ago

It's quite possible that the next Playstation is Gaikai, and that it works on current hardware (including the Vita). Think about it. No hardware to sell at a loss. Millions of people already investing into PS+. A growing library of digital content.

BUT, is the tech ready for such a thing? I don't feel like it is. There's a certain fidelity I want from my games that streaming doesn't offer. So I hope that's not the route we're headed this soon.

I'm ready for another beast piece of hardware.

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aceitman2142d ago

if we don't see anything , the media will , I just hope that it leaks out so we can get a taste.

Divine2142d ago

@Dylila Playstation 4

BitbyDeath2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

EU Blog stated they will be streaming the event live.

profgerbik2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Because Sony themselves straight up said they are not releasing anything substantial for anyone else to copy.

That is why people are saying it can't be anything big about the PS4. So yea, not hard to understand why people are saying that when Sony's own president has said they wont.

Guess we will find out but people always get so overly excited about Sony teasers and usually 90% of the time get them wrong.

Just like the God of War teaser and the PS: All Stars teaser everyone was so off about those, so oddly I don't see this being any different.

hazardman2142d ago

Its the PS4 dude! Picture yourself like that turtle in nemo and enjoy the WAVE duuuuude...........

Nivalis2141d ago

Or it could be, you know, a PS4 reveal without going into the specs?

JackBNimble2141d ago

"Because Sony themselves straight up said they are not releasing anything substantial for anyone else to copy".

Don't you think it would be a little to late in next gen console development for either platform to be copying each other, especially if we are to see a Holiday 2013 release?

Premonition2142d ago

That and coupled with the fact that the Wii U has been on the market for a while now, so why can't sony launch next? Feb 20th cant come fast enough, I really want to see whats going down.

Donnieboi2141d ago

So, these "leaks" were miraculously able to prove that they were credible?

Donnieboi2141d ago

I hope Feb 20th isn't a closed door event. I don't wanna have to wait till E3 for an official reveal.

solid_warlord2141d ago

You fools it will just be an announcement of the existence of Playstation 4 and full reveal in E3.

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BigStef712142d ago

Kaz Trolled us all. Lmao I love it

Ezz20132142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

yes yes, dat smart devil with dat trolling smile

Lior2142d ago

I don't think they will announce the Ps4 before god of war and the last of us are out

Ezz20132142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

those games ps3 owners will buy them no matter what
i myself will buy every ps3 exclusive this year DAY 1

they will just announce ps4 hardware but will not show any games untill those games are out

GABRIEL10302142d ago

Unexpected ...if Sony announce the PS4 will be a critical blow to WiiU and anticipated movement to 720, is crazy, but maybe is the correct movement to Sony

WooHooAlex2141d ago

I'll be very curious to see if Microsoft will wait until E3 to unveil the new Xbox now. In a way they would have the stage all to themselves if they decide to wait. They would have the only hardware unveiling of the three.

In the long run, it probably doesn't matter who announces first. Its all about which one launches first, but it can't hurt if Sony wants to get the hype train rolling early.

Mr_Writer852141d ago

Good point.

However Sony and Nintendo would have more time to show off games.

I have a feeling there will be a 'next gen' version of GTA 5 to help convince early adopters.

An upgraded GTA 5 as a PS4 launch title? Sony would be stupid not to try and get this.

WooHooAlex2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I could see it happening. Especially with GTAV being delayed until September. If they did that, it would definitely be on the next Xbox too tho.

I think a new IP from Sucker Punch will be the flagship launch title. Maybe Killzone 4.

Pillsbury12142d ago

That's right, Sony taking the bull by the horns. Ps4 I am ready.