Tales of Vesperia Officially Announced (First Details + New Screenshots)

"Namco Bandai today announced that it will be bringing the latest addition to the renowned RPG series known as Tales to the Xbox 360 later this year. Titled Tales of Vesperia, this latest installment will be the series' first trip onto next-gen consoles which means an all-new graphics engine -- with character designs provided by the famous Japanese artist Kosuke Fujishima -- to render the classic anime style for which the series is known. Namco Bandai also promises massive battlefields to accompany the series' typical real-time combat system."

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Dlacy13g3940d ago

I am glad to see MS continue to pull in Japanese support. I think the 360 suffered in big ways from the lack of continued support on the original xbox. Most Japanese gamers I think just werent willing to buy a 360 on fears that it would be a repeat performance from MS.

Japan is a long uphill battle for MS. I dont think they will ever truly win Japan on any console....but I think at some point we could see them take a 30% share of Japan which would be a victory in itself.

power of Green 3940d ago

The goal of this tilte is to reach western gamers.

Dlacy13g3940d ago

But with continued support of Japanese developers...whether for Japan or the Western markets...its bound to be helpful for MS and future console endeavors in Japan.