New Microsoft patent hints at next Xbox and Kinect 2.0, features 'voice-gesture commands'

A new patent from Microsoft could hold hints at what may appear in Kinect 2.0 and the next Xbox.

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Root1936d ago

It better be separate when you buy their next console

I'm not paying more for crappy Kinect...something I'm not going to use

I'm kind of scared that they are going to make it so you HAVE to use it

LOL_WUT1936d ago

I'm very excited to see Microsofts next console but, I feel like all this focus towards this kinect 2.0 stuff tells me they are starting on the wrong foot.

Belking1936d ago

Awesome. I'm gonna be there day 1.

BABYLEG1936d ago ShowReplies(1)
HemDroid1936d ago

The first voice command i'm gonna give my Xbox is
"Cool Down"

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