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Submitted by Lavalamp 1102d ago | opinion piece

Ni no Kuni Isn't the Savior of Japanese RPGs

1UP: "Though I stopped playing Ni no Kuni shortly after writing my review, I've been keeping up with comments and discussion threads about Level-5's deliberately old-fashioned RPG. And in this supplementary reading, I've witnessed otherwise intelligent people subscribe to what strikes me as a dishonest narrative about this game's place in the industry: namely, that Ni no Kuni stands as the Great White Hope of Japanese RPGs -- or maybe it's more of a Miracle on Ice situation." (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3)

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Kalowest  +   1102d ago
"Ni no Kuni Isn't the Savior of Japanese RPGs"

What about the SMT series, the Atelier Series, and the Tales Of series... aren't those awesome JRPGs?
Some more examples: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Lost Odyssey, Little King's Story, The Legend of Heroes series, The World Ends With You, and the Dragon Quest games.
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Snookies12  +   1102d ago
Agreed for sure, no doubt Ni No Kuni is a wonderful JRPG, but people shouldn't act like it's the only great one to come out this generation.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1102d ago
Besides lost odessy or however you spell it, to me this is the first true jrpg this gen, but I hate the combat system, and the little boy girl protagonist. Wasnt impressed with the demo
Celeras  +   1102d ago
I don't disagree with the OPs sentiment, but the vast majority of games he used to support his argument are either mobile games or on the Wii. That doesn't mean they should be disregarded, but that's not exactly at the forefront of gaming like a major PS3 release is.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1102d ago
I use to subscribe to 1up back in the days...
So to hear them trash talk one of the great jrpgs for this gen is really disappointing to see cause this game is indeed great!
MaxXAttaxX  +   1102d ago
We get it 1UP,
you didn't like the game much to begin with and gave the game a "C" or something like that.
Slapshot82  +   1101d ago
Very intelligent reply Snookies. Bubble up mate.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1101d ago
You guys... he's not trash talking Ni No Kuni. He's just saying that it's not like JRPGs didn't exist this gen and then suddenly Ni No Kuni came out, which is how some people are acting. The title is a bit misleading. He just means JRPGs don't need saving.
Root  +   1102d ago
Don't you think it's mostly because this JRPG got more peoples attention then any of those you've just named

I mean you mentioned Lost Odyssey and people think that was amazing...the real FF13 game of this gen

Anyway got my Wizards coming in a few days :)
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j-blaze  +   1102d ago
or because it's a ps3 exclusive and some actully believe that the WHOLE game is made by Ghibli?

anyway, i completely agree with Kalowest and Snookies, well said!
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DigitalRaptor  +   1102d ago
j-blaze. Every single trailer that has come out and most articles have mentioned that it's a collaboration project between Level-5 and Ghibli. No one has missed that.

The fact that it's a PS3 exclusive also has nothing to do with the praise it's received, so yeah.... you talking crap yet again.
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Kalowest  +   1102d ago
"Don't you think it's mostly because this JRPG got more peoples attention then any of those you've just named"

Of course, but the games I mention are still high quality JRPGs nonetheless.
Seraphim  +   1102d ago
This is the first spectacular RPG [so far] that I've played since Lost Odyssey. Those 2 games, in my mind, define everything great about RPGs & have truly been the only 2 spectacular RPGs this gen. Yeah there's some good ones in the mix as well but these two, in their own right, have nothing but greatness written all over them. Instant classics, true masterpieces.... Not to mention it's great to see a truly deserving RPG get the great praise Ni No Kuni has received. It's rare even the best of RPGs get the kind of acclaim and praise this game has received so far. well deserved....
wishingW3L  +   1102d ago
the new Atelier games and Tales series games are terrible games in my opinion.
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Snookies12  +   1102d ago
The Tales games are fantastic with their gameplay and characters, and it's one of the few series that actually STICKS with what fans want. Unlike a lot of other series out there that try to change to appeal to more people and end up losing those they started with.
NeXXXuS  +   1102d ago
final fantasy XIII says hi
-Ikon-  +   1102d ago
Souls series is the great white hope for JRPGs

DOMination-  +   1102d ago
Its an Action RPG
Donnieboi  +   1102d ago
Shin Megami Tensei/Persona/Devil Survivor (all in the SMT series) = The saviors of JRPG's. FACT.

If u don't believe it, then you never played an SMT game.
Heisenburger  +   1102d ago
I'm currently twenty hours into Persona 3 which is my first experience with the franchise.

Whoo buddy let me tell I think it is fantastic, and I have no rose tinted glasses with this game.

The thought(briefly) crossed my mind to purchase a Vita solely for Persona 4.

Persona 3 is only $9.99 on psn. If you(reading this now) are into jrpgs you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Donnieboi  +   1102d ago
@ Burger:

Yes I beat Persona 3 and yes it's amazing. Your in for quite a ride. Both me and my wife each beat it at about 165 hour range (And the bonus game called "The Answer" is an additional 40 hours--making it about 205 hours!!!). It's the best $10 you ever spent! Also, I love my Vita but can't recommend to anyone else that they should buy it (yet). It's very expensive when you count the cost of a memory card, the vita itself, a game (P4G is a must), insurance (in case it drops) and a screen protector.

BUT P4G is the best way to play P4. P4G is so much better than P4 original. And it's longer. I had 125 hours when I beat the Vita version; while the PS2 version takes only 60-80 hours to beat (which is long for a JRPG but not as fulfilling as P4 Golden is).
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raWfodog  +   1101d ago
No, it's all opinion but I do agree with you that all of those games are great.
joab777  +   1102d ago
Yeah but ppl have a point. First, they said ps3. Most those games came out on wii or ds or are coming. Many are strategy titles. Its kinda like saying that valkyria chronicles has 3 games, why is everyone bitching? Because its been years since its been on a console. Also, with the Final Fanatsy series moving so far away from the genre, and tales games releasing primarily in Japan, no one can say that the ps3 and xbox have been inundated with games like Ni No Kuni. Throw in its charm, and all its traditional aspects and ppl are feeling nastalgic. Yes, i loved Lost Odyssey, but it feels like forever since i have played it. We have simply wanted great jrpgs in hd and now we have one. Theres nothing wrong with asking ppl to support it. I woukd love to see more of this as opposed to having to comprise a list of 10 games over 5 consoles, 3 yrs and multiple continents.
AsheXII  +   1102d ago
Thats exactly their point... did you even read the article?
FFXI101  +   1101d ago
"Ni no Kuni Isn't the Savior of Japanese RPGs"

I think it should read like this "Ni No Kuni is the SAVIOR of the Japanese RPG on PS3"

Atelier series, Tales series and most JRPG have not been on the same quality as they used to or as Ni No Kuni on PS3. I enjoy the game a lot and 40+ hours in and I'm not even half way through the game. I love it and I think Level 5 did such great job on this game, I hope they will release DLCs for Ni No Kuni and myabe a new game + mode like they did for the WKC.
badjournalism  +   1102d ago
I stopped reading at "I stopped playing after finishing my review..." because that tells me, the reader, you didn't finish the game to completion, wrote a dishonest review and thus have lost credibility.
EZMickey  +   1102d ago
As if your collective assessment on two different articles that you've elected not to read in their entirety has anymore credibility. If ever the pot called the kettle black, eh?

Anyway, reviewers do have deadlines there, mate. I would hardly expect the average reviewer to finish multiple playthroughs of any RPG game they're tasked with reviewing and still make their deadline.

Come on.
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Kos-Mos  +   1102d ago
Freddy is dead.
Kran  +   1102d ago
"reviewers do have deadlines"

So you're saying they had a mere 1 day deadline or something? Most reviewers, especially the ones on 1Up, get a good 2-3 weeks to finish and write the review. So you're technically saying he couldn't finish the game in 2-3 weeks and probably only played an hour a day.

You make the reviewer sound incapable... which he probably is.
jc48573  +   1102d ago
I have noticed that people on 1UP seem to dislike Ni no kuni.
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sashimi  +   1102d ago
seems like they're just catering to their demographic for hits.
AsheXII  +   1102d ago
Thats not the point of the article at all.
Ezz2013  +   1102d ago
coming from a site who give it C+
i would never take that site seriously any more

this game is a 9.5/10 for me nothing less
and good thing that this games is getting 9+s and 10s every where
Relientk77  +   1102d ago
This game is easily one of the best JRPGs in this generation without a doubt
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1102d ago
Every Genre has good games and dry-spells...
GenoZStriker  +   1102d ago
Ni No Kuni isn't the savior of JRPGS because Bob Mackey says so!

Welp shows over guys, Bob Mackey has spoken. His opinion is fact and we can't do anything about it.

Seriously? Is there anything more pathetic than a reviewer who has to try and justify his review with follow up article essentially down playing the game and opinions of others simply because people don't agree with his opinion? Eh whatever, anything for hits I guess.
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mamotte  +   1102d ago
"There are many other JPRG's in the market, so I gave Ni No Kuni a C+. You know, because there are others.

Sincerely yours,

Blastoise  +   1102d ago
I'm gonna call BS on this article. He lists a lot of good JRPG games, and I haven't played Ni No Kuni yet so I can't comment on that..

The thing is though, the amount of good JRPG's this gen compared to last gen is so much smaller. With big names like Final fantasy turning to crap, and most JRPG's going on handhelds or being entirely unheard of, it's understandable why people could thing the JRPG genre is dying.

So yeah, stop hating on Ni No Kuni for 5 minutes and think of how the PS2 or PS1 alone probably has more good JRPG's than 360, PS3 & Wii put together
SAE  +   1102d ago
i want to support them but i cant find one copy in all stores in my country :(
oakshin  +   1102d ago
im 30 hours in and have only 2 complaints and a lil tidbit verviews like gameinfomer neglects 2 take into consideration yet down grades the game for

my complaints 1) it is true the AI isnt that great

2) the sidequest r in face the same handful of things over and over again ( for the same NPCs i add)

the tidbit is this...... the game has a difficulty setting if u feel its 2 hard,ur grinding 2 much. or ur dieing alot PUT IT ON EASY DONT GIVE IT A 7/10 CUZ U HAVE 2 GRIND
AznGaara  +   1102d ago
How do you define a "savior" sure Bob may not like the game but its the first JRPG in a long time that's gotten this much hype and praise around it. It's bringing the genre back to the forefront of the industry if that isn't "saving" something then idk what is.
VsAssassin  +   1102d ago
The game isn't perfect, but it's an outstanding game nonetheless. The quality and amount of heart and effort put into the game is pretty evident. Giving it a C+ then calling it not a JRPG genre savior when no one is really arguing about this is something I can't fathom.

I don't know what NNK or Level 5 did to 1UP, maybe they didn't receive a free copy of the review copy or something, but they are sounding like they're just ranting.
MattS  +   1102d ago
Ni No Kuni is clearly the saviour of JRPGs.

Not because it's a great game (it is a great game, but that isn't the point). I haven't seen so much mainstream interest in a JRPG since Final Fantasy was a big important thing.

Ni No Kuni put JRPGs back on the map and made people look away from generic-COD-clone-version-2 for the first time in years.

How is that anything but a "saviour"?
Hicken  +   1102d ago
I don't care whether it's a savior or not. All I need is for it to be an excellent game.

And, by all accounts, it has done that.

As for the lack of good JRPGs, I think it's more a lack of JRPGs heading West on consoles, period. For the most part, what we HAVE gotten has been quite good. But part of the slow down is production times: no way you could develop an rpg as quickly now as you could back in the days people consider the glory days(PS1, particularly). And that means less games, in general, will be made.

On consoles, at least. On handhelds, where development is still easy, there have been plenty of titles- and many good ones- released this gen. For some odd reason, though, those don't count.

So when the rare title like NNK comes out, it seems like it's been a long time since anything quality in the genre has dropped.

But it only SEEMS that way.

1UP's trolling-ass review of Ni No Kuni is another story, entirely.
Arai  +   1102d ago
No one said it was the savior of JRPG's...
But I guess what goes up must come down seem to apply here.
In other words, just because it's so well received a site has to come along and make a sensational title/article to get hits.
A site people has long forgotten or give 2 shits about these days.
It's nonsense like this that's that's ruining and hurting the game industry.
Give credit where it's due...simple as that.
SageHonor  +   1102d ago
I'm still waiting for Persona 5
phantomexe  +   1102d ago
I stared at it on psn today and almost picked it up. I love the art style but i hate pokemon alot. I enjoy jrpgs a great deal so it's not that. Who knows a may get bored one day and download it.
izumo_lee  +   1102d ago
It is not the savior of Japanese JRPGs but it was one of the few games this gen that gave us that sense of exploration & gradiose feeling that was so present in JRPGs of the past.

This gen we wanted desperately to play a game that harken back to the old games. It was a Japanese game made by the Japanese with their unique take on gameplay. We had hoped Squarenix will once again take the lead but they have deviated from what they did in the past.

1UP really disrespected the game & the work it went into to create a game like Ni no Kuni. So i have no respect for the site in general anyway so i could care less what they think of the game.

I LOVE it & i said it many times on N4G about this game, it is a love letter to the old SNES & PSone JRPG games.
lovegames718  +   1102d ago
They gave this game a c+? gtfo here. 20 plus hours in and this game is amazing. Not only is the gameplay superb, but the graphics are cream of the crop which sets it apart . I actually enjoy the fighting system and am glad it isntypical turn based because i hate tht type of fighting system . This game has elements of turn based fighting with action rpg mixed in.
Hydralysk  +   1102d ago
He's fine for disliking the series, it's his opinion, but writing an article discrediting other people who think ni no kuni is a great is just childish.
goldwyncq  +   1102d ago
It doesn't need to be. It's not like JRPGs are extinct or anything.
Fullmetalevolust  +   1102d ago
It is a savior in some ways since it was such a noteworthy collaboration between two big studios and this title had been in the headlines since its creation.
It's one of the major JPRG's that's been talked about the most and has received a lot of positive reviews.
The genre doesn't need saving but it needs quality titles that appeal to a large audience, therefore selling a lot copies and keeping JPRG's relevant to the US/EU market.
Publishers aren't taking risks nowadays, unless there's a strong demand for a specific title/series.
oakshin  +   1102d ago
bingo well said
tiffac008  +   1102d ago
Well said!

The genre never needed saving but this game is a breath of fresh air that fans of the genre truly appreciates.

Its a needed stimulus package if you ask me XD
younghavok  +   1102d ago
If its a worldmap and grinding you want Arc Rise Fantasia had that in spades. It had an amazing battle system and some tough as nails boss battles, enemies beyond the last boss, Ultimate weapons, all the traditions. I love that game. Than as others pointed out there was Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Lost Odysee. There have been plenty of JRPG's this gen. If you were that starved for them you should've purchased a Wii. It had some damn fine JRPG titles. Or get a DS for the cream of the crop. The genre has thrived thanks to Nintendo and Sony. Why the glood and doom over the genre?
belac09  +   1102d ago
1UP is just a base for Hipsters that happen to play games and tell other people what they think of them. Idiots.
cleft5  +   1102d ago
"Though I stopped playing Ni no Kuni shortly after writing my review." In short, he reviewed a game that he didn't even bother completing, yeah this is why "game journalist" are a joke.
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hot4play  +   1102d ago
1up is a biased pro-Nintendo site anyways so I dont really care about their opinion.

Honestly, every time I visit their site, there has to be at least one opinion piece against Sony or their exclusive games.

I'm not surprised this kind of article is coming from 1up. Down-voting their site.
Inception  +   1102d ago
Lol, same old song 'JRPG is dead and need a savior' huh?

Whatever. I'm just enjoying play Ni no Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Disgaea Dimension 2, Fire Emblem, Shin Megaten IV, Ys Celceta, and more JRPG's on this year. Meanwhile you western journalist busy figuring what title can save JRPG.
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WeAreLegion  +   1102d ago
Yes, it is.

It's as easy as that. The JRPG hasn't been popular this generation. Ni No Kuni is a masterpiece. ^_^
black911  +   1102d ago
Looking at the graphics/artstyle do we need PS4 yet?
HonestDragon  +   1102d ago
While Japanese RPGs don't spend a lot of time in the limelight, it's very nice to see them getting more steam. As for Ni No Kuni, I can't wait to play it. My friends keep on raving about it and the glowing reviews add more anticipation. As for what this guy is saying, I think he is mistakenly taking gamers' comments as making it seem like Ni No Kuni is the only good JRPG out there.

I have to disagree. I know many gamers that love plenty of JRPGS that have come out in recent years. The Atelier series, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and the Tales Of series are to name a few that people enjoy and love. Heck, with Tales of Xillia and Pandora's Tower on the horizon, gamers are itching to play them. The JRPG is still alive and well. It's just not as well advertised (by publishers) or supported (especially by critics).
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