Top Five Reasons Why DmC is Better Than Devil May Cry

The VGU staff lists why they believe the Devil May Cry reboot is better than previous titles.

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Root2061d ago

What a great way to seek hits for your site ¬¬

jmobley2061d ago

that's kind of the point of running a website isn't it?

wishingW3L2061d ago

being informative should be the priority not flamebait.

EZMickey2061d ago

Notice how there's a giant flame in the background of the image? :P

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TiberusX872061d ago

It's advocacy journalism, so it intentionally adopts a non-objective viewpoint. It is important for a website to have readers, but addressing a controversial topic in this way with less than 900 words is just not great writing. I read it, but I didn't come away with anything other than having read a one-sided opinion which clearly was trying to take advantage of a "hot-topic".

booni32061d ago

I couldn't disagree more with this article.

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toguns2061d ago

What are you suggesting?

TuxedoMoon2061d ago

Another one of these? Really?
It must be a slow news day.

Roccetarius2061d ago

Not sure what's going on on N4G recently. Things like this, or the suspicious explosion of DmC reviews nearly every day.

GSpartan7772061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

There is a recent DmC currently sits at 43090° because it just guarantees hit regardless of the quality of the article. Once bloggers figured it out everyone started writing the same "DMC fans need to shut up about the hair" articles for the past six month. It's just taking advantage of the current hot topic till another game makes it to the top.

@toguns I was trying to make a point regarding recent explosions of "hot" DmC articles, not that this article was about hair. But essentially the same flame baiting/hit-seeking articles repeating the same thing. Because they guarantee hit and attention, and it works.

toguns2061d ago

I saw no mention of the hair in this one though... For the record I prefer DMC4. I loved Dante as this almost godlike figure that is just acting as a safety net for Nero. I liked putting endless hours into the game to get my SSS. I liked Bayonetta even more. Pure Platinuming the whole game on hard was an enjoyable experience for me

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The story is too old to be commented.