Most hilarious Dead Space 3 bundle offer ever

One retailer is making a Dead Space 3 bundle offer that simply can't be refused - well maybe not if the game is scary enough.

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Yi-Long1911d ago

... The Hut and Zavvi have been offering these kinds of underwear-bundles for a long while now. I picked up a set of DKNY-boxers with my copy of FIFA 12 back in 2011.

Nothing to do with Dead Space.

Good deals though.

ziggurcat1911d ago

implying that the game is so scary that you'll crap your pants?

BanBrother1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Or that the game will suck ass and at least you'll end up with a new, kickass pair of underwear if you don't like it! I kid, I kid. Try not to be too rough eh?

EDIT: lol I just though, how do these things work? Do you like tell them what size you want? I can just imagine the embarrassment on some mega fat persons face when they hand a parachute over the counter. *Aawwkwaaard

dennett3161911d ago

It's been done with multiple EA games in the past....not specifically linked to a "So scary you'll need new underwear" thing.
Unless the FIFA series is really that scary.

Hassassin1911d ago

You can't even imagine...

greatcrusader441911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Nice, I was fighting over whether or not to get me some briefs or Dead Space 3 next week. Now I don't have to choose!

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