We Know Gamers - Sonic the Fighters HD Review

Sonic and his friends are back but not in the way you would usually expect them to be. This time they've hung up their running shoes to go brawl it out in the ring instead, however is this a step in the right direction for the franchise? Or should have Sonic stuck to what he does best?

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DivineAssault 2144d ago

as a kid, i was upset this didnt get localized for my saturn but i guess it sucked anyway.. I played it once on my gamecube on the collection disc & never played it again.. Horrible game

sonic9892144d ago

reviewing one of the worst sonic games ever just for the sake of having fun writing negative things about the series how pathetic .
we sonic fans know how bad it was so no need to write a full review for it since there are some games out there didnt have review .
( sonic hate is reaching its maximum level ( i guess ) )

zerocrossing2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

The hate isn't unjustifiable but there is a bit of jumping on the band wagon going on.

I loved Sonic when I was a kid but pretty much every Sonic game after Sonic Adventure 2 has been crap.

sonic9892144d ago

sonic generations ( amazing ) not sonic's best but still not crap
sonic the fighter came before SA 2 but its one of the worst sonic games why review it when it is an old game

thezeldadoth2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

the new sonic all stars racing transformed is awesome, and (my opinion) better than the recent mario kart iterations.

liban-ali2144d ago

The review doesn't mean we hate the sonic series. In fact I believe Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours were amazing games!

And even you can't deny that the franchise has had a run of bad games, so much that even SEGA themselves are de-listing them.

sonic9892144d ago

well thank you for clearing the picture
i am happy to know that you appreciate a good game when you see it .
at first i thought that you are like those who hate sonic just because its cool to hate on him ( mostly kids or newbies ) .
thanks again

liban-ali2144d ago

No worries man! And thanks for checking out the review :)