Wii U gets $50+ discount by major US retailer, is this a bad sign?

CostCo, a major retailer in the US, is selling both Wii U models at a $50 or more discount. Is this a bad sign for the console or just another sale?

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majiebeast2120d ago

WIIU TEH DOOMED! Yeah just no its just a sale. If say multiple retailers did it at the same time then it would look a lot more worrying, as in they arent shifting any units. This looks like a normal sale to me.

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LOL_WUT2120d ago

Hopefully more retail stores follow suit ;)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2120d ago


Most people don't realize this but for a Corporation to have inventory sitting on the shelves looks bad (to shareholders).

Retailers over bought stock units, they have more WiiU inventory than they will sell for a while.

-Mostly because they did not want to get caught without the HOT product of the YEAR and they did not want to repeat the Wii shortage.

Also, Nintendo was cranking out WiiU's like it was going to sell like Wii. Not because they thought it was but because retailers were making pre-orders as if it was going to be as big as Wii.

The - $50 is probably just - the mark-up for store profit.

Warehouse space is (possible) money-

And they are trying to look good at the end of the Fiscal Year. Stores buy all year round and in many cases go in the negatives only making-up their cost at Christmas time. Selling the WiiU at their purchase cost is a way to make them get closer to even.

1upgamer992120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I am at Costco all of the time, and they have done this allot...This past Holiday I saw Gameing bundles I did not see in any other store, WAY great offers compared to anything else I saw....They do this all of the time dude...Last year I bought another Blu-ray player for $77 there with HDMI cables, same one at Walmart was $150 with NO HDMI cables. Both retailers still carry the Blu-ray player same model but I have not seen it under $130 at Costco since. Also I did not see a ton of Wii U's at Costco by anymeans in Decembet, in fact twice they had NONE.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2119d ago

Saying that WiiU is not selling better than the Wii is in no way dissing Nintendo- the WiiU is selling way better than PS3 and 360 did at launch.

I am just making the case for why Sites/Stores like can sell things at lower prices than in store. ****This is not a Spam-advert****

Stores just sell their Extra stock cheaper than resale but at or near wholesale price in order to make the books look good to the shareholders.

Sometimes they give it to other companies and sometimes they pass it to the consumer.

jakmckratos2120d ago

You can say it's a sale but the PS3 never had anything like this to my memory until about 7 months after launch when the price decreased by $100..if it was on sale anywhere for anything less I woulda bought it. 2 months after release ant a good thing.

1upgamer992120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

PS3 was sold at a loss for $499 and people simply were not buying it. It took longer then 2 months for PS3 to sell the 3 million units Wii U has sold. The price cut still really did not help the sales it was still $399 for a basic one, and they were then bleeding money on every unit sold. The PS3 was Losing over $200 dollars on each PS3 sold at launch. That is a CRAZY amount of is the link to back up what I am saying.
Hell I just picked up PS3 just over 3years ago.
Anyway, IF Nintendo does drop the price, it has a 3.8 attachment rate as of now. That would Increase the attachment rate even more.
The Wii U at current price is only losing between $14 and $21 dollars per unit....That is a far cry from Sony and Microsoft lost per console sold initially.

I close in saying I am a HUGE Sony fan as well as Nintendo, but Sometimes (not you) too many people glance at what they read and run with it. Now I am going to call my friends that really want Wii U and tell em to go to Costco. I think that is great news.

2120d ago
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