Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita Gets an Extended Trailer, Looks Great

Japanese PS Vita owners are getting a treat in less than a month (on February the 28th), with the release of Phantasy Star Online 2 on the platform. Today Sega released an extended trailer to wet the appetite and give a quite comprehensive glimpse on how the game will look and play.

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Snookies121543d ago

Hurry and bring this to NA dang it!

Abriael1543d ago

Can't agree more with that, but alas, it's Sega...

ExCest1543d ago

The US (English) version is imminent! The PC version is coming soon so it's only a matter of time for the Vita version!

Abriael1543d ago

@ExCest: that's really not necessarily true. They said nothing about the Vita Version, and they may very well not publish that one, knowing them.

zerocrossing1543d ago

Either Sega brings it to the west or we storm their building.

profgerbik1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Hopefully some information will come out soon since it will finally be done with in Japan.

Either way I will play it on PC and it's obviously coming out on PC in NA, just not sure if they will make the same effort for the PS Vita version.

I personally love PSO on portables more so I hope it does make it's way to the Vita, seems stupid for Sega to pass up on that knowing how well PSO has done here but then again they have just about closed down everything PSO related in the states so who knows..

Stupid localizing. It being free-to-play worries me maybe they just wont have enough incentive to make a PS Vita version in NA but I would gladly pay for the PS Vita version.

I honestly would have paid $40 for it if they sold it in general but meh their loss.

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TongkatAli1543d ago

This is going to sell trucks load of Vita's in Japan

rpd1231543d ago

I hope so, for Sony's sake.

Protagonist1543d ago

And for the sake that the greatest handheld ever made the PS VITA derserves it badly!!!

Having watched dat Killzone, it is like the PS VITA runs on nuclear power.

rpd1231543d ago

@ Protagonist

True, true. I love my Vita, I hope that sales pick up so that more third party developers hop on board with it.

But still the lineup the Vita has already is awesome. It already has some great games and there are a few big ones coming this year. Killzone looks amazing and other games like Sly and Tearaway are going to be sweet. I'm hoping we see some more new IPs and maybe some other PS3 franchises. MGS would and GTA exclusives would be awesome as well.

miyamoto1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Maybe more for Sony and Sega's sake... by "sake" I mean sake as in well being and sake (Japanese rice wine) which they will be drinking to celebrate this game's success.

PS Vita , PC, Android or iOS Its win win for all who own such devices!

The game that launched a thousand imitations!
I played PSO on the Sega Dreamcast and PC it was awesome!

Give your hottest game out on all devices possible like you did with Sonic and all our bases are belong to you Sega!

Desperation Genius!

Blastoise1543d ago

Bring it to EU! Come ooooon!

Hanso1543d ago

Valvatores get your ass over to the vita already!

LiViNgLeGaCY1543d ago

Please bring it to NA Sega!!! Pleeeeeeeeaaaase!

DivineAssault 1543d ago

wow.. Vita is starting to show its muscles.. Im fine w/o MH if i get this.. Oh Soul Sacrifice too.. Damn, theres alot of great games comming

Studio-YaMi1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Can't deny that the MH series is also great,I hope it's coming to the Vita too .. later better than never !

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