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Much unlike Ron Gilbert’s previous adventure titles, such as the beloved Monkey Island series, The Cave plays out as a side-scrolling platformer game, questioning just how far would you go, to acquire the thing you desire the most.

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ziggurcat2147d ago

this game deserves more than a 6.5.

the only minor negative thing that i can even think of is the somewhat ridiculous 6 playthroughs required to get 100% despite the fact that it doesn't take that long to get through the whole game.

Fairchild Channel F2147d ago

I agree. Solid 8.

Oh, and you can get 100% with 5 playthroughs BTW.

ECWSandman2147d ago

Agreed, I would give it a higher score, but that's their opinion. Then again, I only played it with friends, so never had to do it solo.