Aliens get a season pass

When it releases, Aliens: Colonial Marines will receive a Season Pass for additional content.

Hitting at £19.99/$29.99, the Season Pass will provide four pieces of additional content and will offer a 33% discount in the process.

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antz11042144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

At least they're planning on supporting the game post launch, and knowing Gearbox I'm hoping the DLC will be story driven.

admiralvic2144d ago

Don't get your hopes up too high... they did the same for Borderlands 2 and ultimately just outsourced it.

konnerbllb2144d ago

Exactly. I thought bl2 dlc was a sure thing given the quality of the first games dlc. Boy was I wrong.

I'd advise against buying season passes no matter what the game is or who makes it.

antz11042143d ago

Matter of opinion. I feel like everyone BITCHED constantly about the DLC for the first game when it dropped, and now with the DLC for 2 getting mixed reviews they talk about it like it was fantastic.

TheEnigma3132144d ago

This is why I wait a year and pick up the GOTY edition for a fraction of the price.

BanBrother2144d ago

Hopefully for the single player. The dlc will most likely be for the MP though, as it is a big focus for them, the left4dead style mode. A prequel DLC playing as Ripley right near the end of Aliens would be to good to be true, so I'll cancel that one out. Hoping this will be great.

delboy2144d ago

Publishers making an announcement like this is a god thing, and gamers should be happy or what?!
Greedy f######

kostchtchie_2144d ago

ha ha more season passes, luckily this crap is OPTIONAL