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Could Bad Company 3 Replace Medal of Honor?

James Pungello of VGU.TV shares his thoughts on how the Battlefield: Bad Company series could come back and fill a gap that EA might currently be looking to fill. (Battlefield 4, Battlefield Bad Company 3, Culture, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   576d ago
Im hoping EA do atleast 1 more Bad Company game, not for the story, I found the multiplayer was more fun for BC2, I love BF3, its not a criticism,

MOH just doesnt do it for me, I liked the older PS2 games
pungello88  +   576d ago
A lot of people seemed to like the BC2 multiplayer more. I've always been more of a campaign but either way more BC will be welcomed
guitarded77  +   576d ago
Thing about Bad Company 2 is the maps were diverse and well set up for the most part. Plus EVERYTHING you expect to be destructible was... Battlefield 3 has less dynamic maps. You hit a pipe expecting it to blow up, and it stays while a concrete wall shatters like glass. Battlefield is my favorite multi-player FPS along side Killzone, but it seems they had a better plan with Bad Company 2's online than they did with Battlefield 3. Plus the Vietnam DLC was awesome, because it was almost like getting an entirely different game. However, I'm not sure I want Danger Close touching Bad Company... the problem isn't MoH, it's Danger Close.
LOGICWINS  +   576d ago
I spent more time with BC2 than any other multiplayer game this gen. I'm ready for BC3.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   576d ago
Battlefield 3 is HANDS DOWN the best online shooter!!! No questions asked. Everything from the visuals, controls, and sound make this game incredible. Every other shooter is years behind this shooter it in quality and everything else.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   576d ago
I kind of agree.

I am torn between Halo 4 and BF3.

BF3 is my go to military shooter
Halo is my sci-fi shooter

But really there isn't anything like BF3 out there.
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BattleAxe  +   576d ago
"I am torn between Halo 4 and BF3."

pungello88  +   576d ago
@guitared77 yeah I don't really want to see Bad Company 3 developed by Danger Close, but maybe there is someone out there that could do it justice.
csreynolds  +   576d ago
Bad Company 2's multiplayer was brilliant. Could not get enough of it...
MrBeatdown  +   576d ago
I could see EA publishing Homefront 2 to fill the void, since Crytek bought the rights. They already publish Crysis.
InMyOpinion  +   576d ago
If they can keep up the quality their games have been having so far, I hope so. The multiplayer in BF 3 is the best this gen has to offer imo.
rataranian  +   576d ago
If BC3 isn't an option I just laid a fresh log that could easily replace MOH. Just the graphics of this monster alone could end the franchise. ...We hope.
Riderz1337  +   576d ago
Bad Company 3 should replace Battlefield 4. In my opinion Bad Company 2 was way better than BF3. The only reason they are continuing with the Battlefield series instead of the Bad Company series is because it sold more. Bad Company 2 - 3m on PS3/360 whereas BF 3 - 12m on PS3/360.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   576d ago
BC2 is my most played game online. I have BF3 but I still go back for BC2. I was disappointed to find out that the next BF isn't BC3.
SignifiedSix  +   576d ago
I'd play it, but i can never find any servers on the 360. Was definitely better than BF3 imo.

If BF3 was like BF2, it would be a way more different story.

Just keep the gameplay the same as BC2 and I'll be sold on it!
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   576d ago
I'm with you on the servers thing, it's a mission getting into a game of Squad Rush these days.
shackdaddy  +   576d ago
I definitely had more fun playing BC2 than BF3. This is coming from a PC guy too.

IDK, I think it might be because of the maps. Or maybe because I compared BF3 too much with BF2 (In which BF2 is twice the game BF3 is imo). I also felt like the art style was better in BC2 if that makes sense to anyone. It felt slightly more cartoony and a ton more colorful imo...
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SanMarco  +   576d ago
Bc3 would be nice. Bc2 was the best fps multiplayer I've played this gen.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   576d ago
Warhawk and Bad Company 2.
most fun I had/have this gen in multiplayer.
vitorizzo  +   576d ago
battlefield needs more destruction
delboy  +   576d ago
Bfbc2 was and still is definitely THE mp game, but try to tell that to hard core bf fans.
I just hope they don't use frostbite 2.0 engine.
cyclindk  +   576d ago
They wouldn't need to "replace" it if they'd just get there heads out of their a$$es on MoH... Airborne, for all it's faults, was a peek at the kind of innovation the MoH series needs to reinvigorate the franchise.

Don't look at CoD

Don't look at Battlefield

Make MoH its own game!
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typeN8  +   576d ago
I frackin hope so
shackdaddy  +   576d ago
EA needs to take MoH back to its roots imo. Get out of the modern setting and go back to more WWII espionage type games.

Also, they just need a better team. From what I've seen from DC, they are pretty incompetent.
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oldassgamer  +   576d ago
God I hope so. A new Bad Company is sorely needed. I think they dropped the ball by focusing on MoH and not releasing a new Bad Company.

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