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Review: Antichamber [Press2Reset]

Straight from Nate's review: "...if Portal is a head scratcher, Antichamber is an entrance exam for MENSA." If that hasn't piqued your interest, well... read it anyways. (Antichamber, Industry, PC) 9/10

nhales80  +   526d ago
A game that is absolutely worth checking out. Punishing, but rewarding.
PopRocks359  +   526d ago
Wow. Based on the visualization alone it looks really intricate and complex. Might just give it a look just to see what the hubbub is about.
nhales80  +   526d ago
it is a real workout for the brain. If you like puzzles it is completely worth it.
PopRocks359  +   526d ago
Well, I am a big Portal fan. If this is anything like that, then being it on I say.
Virus60  +   526d ago
There's nothing quite as rewarding as figuring out a complex puzzle on your own. Looks like I will be playing this game soon!
PeachyAenne  +   525d ago
I'm so looking forward to this game. :)

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