Blast From The Past: Dragon Quest Retrospective

In their regular feature that looks at gaming's vintage gems of yesteryear, Dealspwn take a look at the grand-daddy of the JRPG as we know it: Dragon Quest.

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mandf2141d ago

I loved that game but I have a problem with the article. The Legend of Zelda released January of the same year and wasn't influenced by it. Revisionist history sucks.

FuzzyPixels2141d ago

"Epitomised by Nihon Falcom's Dragon Slayer series, which would in turn influence the likes of Ys and The Legend of Zelda"

The article isn't trying to rewrite history, the para in question says Zelda drew some inspiration from Dragon *Slayer*, an early ARPG from Nihon Falcom, which released in 1984.

mandf2141d ago

The production of legend of zelda started at the end of 84. Miyamoto never once said he drew inspiration any other game. I don't have the link but he has a long article from where he drew inspiration. Just because a came before doesn't automatically it copied or inspired it.