LEGO City Undercover Limited Edition Details Revealed

GodisaGeek: "LEGO City Undercover looks like a lot of fun, much like LEGO itself, until you tread on it, anyway.

Anyways, today we have heard from Nintendo that there will be an awesome limited edition version of the game available, containing the retail disc of TT Games’ Wii U exclusive, as well as a neat little lego figurine of protagonist Chase McCain, whom you can see just to the right there."

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Neonridr2058d ago

I am definitely getting the game, so I will keep my eyes out for a limited edition..

metroid322058d ago

I'm getting it pre ordered it yesterday from GAME,i'm getting the chase figure.

jlafount2057d ago

I wish they would announce these things months in advance. I already preordered my copy and I'm not really missing out thankfully on something good.

Fel082057d ago

Getting this game on day 1.

Jek_Porkins2057d ago

Is it weird that this is the game that I bought a Wii U for? It just looks so fun and I enjoy simple yet fun games.

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