Killzone Mercenary Preview - PSLS

It’s a difficult feat to comprehend, but somehow, some way, Guerrilla Cambridge has managed to almost flawlessly bring the Killzone 3 engine from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation Vita. Guerrilla was as bold as to call the game a benchmark game for the PlayStation Vita, and one that future FPS games will be measured against on any handheld platform. Bold, but they’re spot on.

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crunchychocobo1758d ago

My husband may steal my Vita now.

NastyLeftHook01758d ago

its already in my hand.. hehehe

Wedge191758d ago

For me it's the other way around, it's going to be Tearaway that's going to make my wife steal my Vita from me while I'm trying to play some Killzone.

alexcosborn1758d ago

Vita GOTY.

Not like there's much competition :(

Wedge191758d ago

TYVG: This Years' Vita Game.

dafegamer1758d ago

never underestimate Media Molecule's talent. Tearaway looks stunning and is shaping up to be a neck on neck

Killzoner991758d ago

Tearaway looks good but more for kids, THIS game is for the adult hardcore gamer who likes mature content. Killzone is a system seller.

dafegamer1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

@killzoner nah tearaway looks like it has wide appeal to adults and kids,girls and boys.
Just like Mario appeal, this game could indeed be the system seller, if marketed correctly

dbjj120881758d ago

I'll wait until I play it for myself. I've played every shooter on the Vita and it hasn't been good. Now I need evidence for myself.

r211757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

The nihilistic games were pretty bad compared to games like Uncharted GA and Unit 13. Not surprised though, it is Nihilistic.

FlyingFoxy1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I personally hate controllers for FPS games ever since i got into PC's in the late 90's, goldeneye and perfect dark on the 64 were the last console FPS's i enjoyed before getting used to keyboard & mouse controls and finding them much better.

I may give this a go though.

starchild1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Graphically it looks very impressive. It's kind of crazy when Sony's handheld graphics look better than most shooters on home systems. o_0

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