The Next Gen Xbox Could Be The End Of Xbox Live Indie, Claims Dev

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: ''Xbox Live Indie Games may not have a place on the next generation of Xbox hardware, if leaked emails are to be believed.''

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Welcome to Xbox. Aside from Indie games they have barely any exclusive AAA games so I'm getting a PS3 now for God of War: Ascension and The Last of Us etc. and PS4 so the new Xbox want even be on my list.

DA_SHREDDER1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

true, but like most people that like to have the newest gadgets, They will buy the new xbox if it comes out before the ps4. Including me cause I always want the newest tech out. PC gaming sucks cause of how easily viruses can destroy your whole pc. I even had a virus ruin my sony virtual 7.1 surround sound headset, wont work on my pc or my ps3 anymore. Proprietary is the future, sure they can still get hacked, but you have to be above average hacker, and even then like the ps3, we have 1 million dollars of protection due to Anon hacking Sony. consoles are a safe bet.

Jobesy1755d ago

Pc = no local mp = no thanks

When people come over it's nice to have something where multiple people can play the same game on 1 console. On pc you would have to have a lan party, and thats just not practical, and most games don't support lan parties

AznGaara1755d ago

Or you can just watch what you download... It's not that hard to find a free virus protector. I didn't know people still got viruses lol... Haven't had one in so long.

Karpetburnz1755d ago

Amen to that, PS3 is a good console with good exclusives.

InMyOpinion1755d ago

Does PSN even have a channel for indie games like Xbox Live has?

matrixman921755d ago Show
Karpetburnz1755d ago

All the Indie games are located in the PS store.

ABizzel11755d ago


I didn't disagree with you but like @Karpetburnz said all Indie games are included in the entire PS store. There's no specific section for them, unless you count PS Mini's and PS Mobile games.

Belking1755d ago

Nope. Not at all. This could actually be good news though. They just may combine everything which would be even better for the dev community.

InMyOpinion1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

@ABizzel1 - I the PS Store populated with new indie games on a daily basis like XBLIG, that anyone can create and upload to the store?

If not I think it's kind of silly for some of you to come in here and speak of how good the PS3 is when it obviously doesn't offer the same support or channels for indie games as Xbox Live does.

The PS3 is better than the 360 in many ways but let's stick to the topic.

nukeitall1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

The answer is no, PSN does not cater to indie gamers at all. Neither does Nintendo really.

MS is the only one that has a development kit that is basically free to use, and only cost $100 to publish your game on Xbox 360.

Nobody has that, and even on PSN if you want to publish PSN minis, you have to buy a dev kit that cost $2000. That is, if Sony even lets you buy it!

I think indie gamers are really giving MS a raw deal, with the awesome freely available tool to use on PC, and the low cost for Xbox 360, yet they complain. If I was MS, I would really reconsider wasting my resources on these whiney brats.

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NateCole1755d ago

My advise is to keep and open mind. I am sure MS will do better come next gen.

Yes but get a PS3. There are so many exclsuive games you can enjoy at a fraction of their original cost.

I am thinking of getting an x360 but i think i will wait for the new one as they will be BC.

Good_Guy_Jamal1755d ago

"Who cares ppl keep talking we see which one is superior if you wanna talk about superior i think thats uncharted 2!! Sony has so many first party dev and they share code who needs multi games better yet who cares!!"
Your first ever comment 3 and a half years ago, blowing smoke up sony's rear.
Are we to believe that all this time you've been going on about Sony exclusives and ps3 being awesomeballz and you're only now just getting a PS3? Lol. Come on bro. Are we to believe xbox is all you've had all this time?
You lead a sad life if you have to lie like this just to pimp out your sony love. Really sad.

IAMERROR1755d ago

So let me get this right, you're getting a PS4 even though you know NEXT TO NOTHING about it? And you're dismissing the Next Xbox even though again you know next to nothing? Seems legit

And I hope that you're referring to this year because I agree but overall they have a lot to offer. It's great being a multi-console owner, I get the best of everything.

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PopRocks3591755d ago

XBLA wasn't very friendly to indie debs to begin with if you go by the experiences recalled by Team Meat and Phil Fish. If this turns out to be true, it will be an absolute shame.

Anon19741755d ago

I think it's about time for XNA to be retired, but I don't think it spells the end of Indie games for the next gen Xbox. Anyone who's used XNA can attest to the fact that it's quite limited compared to what can be accomplished by other means. More likely we'll see Microsoft replace it with better support for 3rd party options, such as UDK or Unity, or something along those lines.

PopRocks3591755d ago

That's certainly what I hope for. That department is in need of major restructuring. Indie devs deserve better opportunities and less hoops to jump through.

Dlacy13g1755d ago

All anyone needs to do is look at Windows 8 tiled store front game channel to understand where MS is going to go with this. XBLIG will die off and Xbox Game Channel will become the defacto release space for all those games. It's their version of iTunes/Google Play store.