GTA 5 Is 'Deepest, Most Beautiful & Immersive World Yet' - Sam Houser

Adam Barnes: ''GTA 5 now has an official release date, much to chagrin of Rockstar fans, but this is all for a good reason.

In the press release confirming GTA 5's release date, Sam Houser comments on the delay describing the upcoming open world shooter.''

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Hellsvacancy1969d ago

Im listening to the Vice City soundtrack as I type this

I remember the happy feeling in driving around a Vice City listening to the radio stations, I remember how shabby Vice City looks now compared to current gen games, it still felt awesome back then, memorable

What era is GTA V set in can I ask?

sourav931969d ago

Grab Vice city on android/ios, it looks brilliant. Or....just do this:

tachy0n1969d ago

GTA V is set in 2008 probably, if you watch the first trailer on the part where you can see the car's license plates, you can see all of them have an orange sticker, which what i have researched, the state of california used them in 2008!!

I_am_Batman1969d ago

GTA Vice City was the last GTA I played and I remember having a lot of fun with it. It even was my first open world game I think. To be honest GTA VC still has the best setting of any GTA game to me. But somehow I can't really get hyped for a GTA game anymore.

3-4-51969d ago

Present Day.

The possibilities for music are endless because of this.

We can have Electronic, Chill rock, Oldies stations like 60's 70's 80's stuff plus 90's.....

anything really.

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Sketchy_Galore1969d ago

GTA4 was set in possibly the most beautiful immersive city seen in any game so far, let's just hope next time there's an actual game with some kind of progression in there rather than an endless string of completely interchangeable low speed chases and killings.

claud31969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

GTA IV was dark and gritty, were is GTA V is colorful and up beat and were is VICE CITY is the in between game and that is the pattern Rockstar has followed for each new installment of the GTA series

ArtificiallyYours1968d ago

I personally think Grand Theft Auto V is going to be the darkest one yet...

claud31968d ago

wont be man, the pattern is something rockstar needs to break

So we change the way the games are aka either colorful or darker

BullyMangler1969d ago

graphics are normal though, and everything else is normal . nothing UNIQUE . . fun indeed

unchartedxplorer1969d ago

It will better be, otherwise all this waiting is for nothing

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