Does It Matter That Dead Space 3 Is Aimed At A Wider Audience?

Controversy continues to surround high-profile sequel Dead Space 3, with fans taking aim at changes apparently designed to make it appealing to a larger consumer-base.

Ahead of the game’s release next week, Mark Butler asks whether EA and Visceral Games should be saluted for trying to evolve the series, or condemned for selling it out.

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NastyLeftHook02147d ago

would it matter if ferrari was aimed at a more economical buyer?


people buy fast cars because they want the speed, not the price! same for horror! i buy dead space because i want horror.

now if they bring casual "options" im ok with that.

knowyourstuff2146d ago

The Co-Op is optional, to the main point of tube ^

However the large emphasis on guns, assault rifle and shotguns, cover fire with dodging and waist high walls, more human enemies that do nothing but shoot you with guns behind cover like you're all of a sudden playing gears of war, yeah I'd say the franchise has been diluted to appeal to the mouth breathing shooter fans. Not to mention the microtransactions which will cater to nothing but EA's wallet as gamers get nickel and dimed once again. F*** EA.

Thatguy-3102147d ago

Honestly this is just an example of a greedy company. Dead space 2 sold more than its predecessor and simply well for a horror game. Honestly why would anyone want to change the direction if the game is already selling well?

da_2pacalypse2147d ago

Because EA will always make a good game for a certain genre, and then they will slowly steer away from that genre and into the action genre. They've done this for just about every single franchise they own.

ShaunCameron2147d ago

Actually Dead Space 2 sold less than its predecessor.

solar2146d ago

gaming has dumbed down to the lowest common denominator for that all mighty $$$. i yearn for the day when gamers are outcasts again, when the product was great.

ATi_Elite2146d ago

Lost Dead Space Planet: Black Gears of War Ops 3

with Mass Uncharted Halo Effect DLC for those who Pre-Order!

yeh I say they casualized it and the only Horror of Dead Space 3 is the LACK of Horror!

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wishingW3L2147d ago

so Action Shooters now mean Wider Audience or what?

Snookies122147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yes it matters. It is straying from what made people like it in the first place. This trend has been happening more and more recently in series'. If you're doing a sequel to a game, it should build upon what its predecessor did, not tear that down and go a different route... If you're going to do that, make a new IP.

Root2147d ago

Exactly make a new IP don't ruin franchises that some gamers have been with at the start.

I don't like co-op shoved into games but I love Borderlands and L4D because they work since they were built from the ground up around co-op. Not like RE and DS were they are chucking it in, even with DS3 the levels are still being designed around feels like that on the demo if you play by yourself

rainslacker2147d ago

I agree. While I know why they bank on name recognition, it seems they could continue to support popular games in the way they were originally intended while making a profit on them, and just create new IP's and possibly give themselves a bigger portfolio, and even more possibly finding a bigger hit in the process.

OTOH, nowadays, new IP's have a hard time making any headway. EA itself saw this with Mirror's Edge. A well received game that just didn't get enough sales to support the series, although many people would love to see a sequel. There are certainly some big name new IP's this gen that shouldn't be discounted, but for every one hit, there are at least 10 duds.

Hellsvacancy2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

It matters to me, I loved the first game, I was one of those that bought it day 1, and honestly that was only because I liked the rusty/bulky looking Isaak, I remember seeing some early concept art for him, he looked realy cool, then I saw a trailer or two, I was totally sold,

DS2 just felt like the same game, except Isaak looked like some typical army looking robot dude, kinda like the new look for Robocop for example (which im not to fond of)

DS3 doesnt excite me at all, I doubt ill even rent it

DanJenkoFMV2147d ago

It'll certainly be interesting to see how Dead Space 3 does. Appealing to a "larger audience" would suggest better sales than the first two iterations, but the game's been getting a lot of negative press.

Ultimatley, even if it does turn out to be an action title rather than a horror title, I still wouldn't put it past Visceral to make a damn good action game.

Conzul2147d ago

I'll wait for the IGN review. Never trust the score, mind you, but if they say there's still some horror and good startles then I'm still up for it.

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