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Lior1662d ago

You gotta be kidding me. 4 MONTHS

steve30x1662d ago

Its more like seven months. Its only coming into February now.

Lior1662d ago

4 months after they said for a spring release

nrvalleytime1662d ago

Yeah. But think about this - Bioshock Infinite in the Spring, GTAV in the Fall. Talk about a lucrative year for Take Two.

Extra time can only mean more polish, and, when Grand Theft Auto is involved, take all the time you need Rockstar.

Red_Orange_Juice1662d ago

I totally dont feel the hype for GTA,I can wait till September

LOGICWINS1662d ago

A game of this magnitude needs as much time on the cooker as possible. At least now I know that I'll have no need to buy a next-gen console this fall.

MurDocINC1662d ago

Good, I want to play it in winter when it's cold and boring. Rather than in spring when i want get out and live.

MmaFan-Qc1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago ) they better release a god damn pc version of the game with this delay...OR ELSE....

huh...or else...... im gonna take the ps3 version.

jony_dols1662d ago

WTF! What happened to a Spring release...

BlindGuardian1662d ago

will there be a next gen version?

Blacktric1662d ago

What a goddamn joke. At least have the goddamn decency to not give a "spring" release window 2-3 months prior to the damn delay...

indubitably1662d ago

ugh, right when I go back to school.

TreMillz1662d ago

This is Fantastic for me at least, no one sees the barrage of games releasing this year and in Spring alone? I gotta gear up for Crysis 3 and Revengence is Feb, God of War, Bioshock and Naruto in March, Soul Sacrifice in April, The Last of Us in May, PSN titles in summer(Drought season) and Splinter cell in August,with GTA V right there in september
need the spacing for real man

-MD-1662d ago

PC release should follow shortly after.

Hellsvacancy1662d ago

MurDocINC makes a very good point, im more of a winter gamer

room4141662d ago

The wii u is tanking right now with a very thin lineup of games for the near future. Gta5 on ps3 and 360 in the spring with no wii u version could be devasting to nintendo.

Four months is enough extra time to finish a port for the wii u that releases day and date with everyone else.

Desperate nintendo money hat?

Ok probably not, it's likely just the usual rockstar delay. But you never know...

Blastoise1662d ago

Anyone noticed this is the same date as Killzone Mercenary release date? Sony should get to work on changing the date, otherwise Killzone is gonna be forgotten which is a shame because it's looking pretty good.

Hydrolex1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

8 months ! F**king ballsack

Army_of_Darkness1662d ago

This year is definitely gonna be very competitive. Very hard to say which game will be GOTY...
as for GTA5, I can wait, no problem.

Toolster1662d ago

I would rather wait a little longer so its a perfect game rather than launch early with bugs/naff grahics etc

ChrisGTR11662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

omg.. september release date? just like gta4 , red dead redemption, max payne 3 R* always announces games then delays them till april.
dammit im pissed. fucking R* always with delays.

zeeshan1661d ago

That's not Spring! That's more like fall 2013!

Dee_911661d ago

Im not even mad because there are so many games coming out this year.
It will be fun to see ign review and see if they use the delay as a negative like they did with gt5 lol

yess1661d ago

Between the lines, this tell's me there will be no nextgen consol this year...

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MariaHelFutura1662d ago

YOU have to be kidding me. :P

irepbtown1662d ago

If they bring out a demo, I think most people will have the patience to wait.

It is disappointing news never the less.

Hydrolex1662d ago

when are you gonna learn ? R* never releases demos

irepbtown1661d ago

I know they dont, it's obvious.

I just said IF, one can dream can he not?

Root1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I know right...are they serious

Why tease us about a Spring release then have it on the first month of FALL.

They showed this off ages ago

Give us a new trailer or something

EDIT @Below

It's different's GTA one of the most anticipated games this year. If Rockstar give us a rough Spring release date only to change it to fall then of course your going to be a little upset because you have to wait longer.

crimsonfox1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

hahah I can't believe people are really crying about the delay. they always delay their games and I'm sure the game will be better for it. I don't mind the wait especially this year, there is ALOT of stuff coming out and when GTA comes out everything else will be ignored, by me at least. nothing bad ever comes from more polish. and when this game does come out. no one will remember the delays. they will just shut up enjoy it. so thank R* for letting enjoy other games this year instead of complaining :P

cleverusername1662d ago

Have they ever NOT delayed a game yet?

LOGICWINS1662d ago

Thats life, things change..not everything is set in stone, particularly in game development. Would u rather have a rushed product with tons of bugs?