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DmC - Devil May Cry [PC] Review || DigitalNoob

DigitalNoob's review of DmC - Devil May Cry for the PC. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

ziggurcat  +   524d ago
yet another high review for such a "terrible" game...

and here i thought that it was a garbage game, what with all of the childish whining that's been generated by a group of spoiled brats that can't handle change (or understand that it's a rebbot, which almost never adheres to any of the previous efforts' art direction/gameplay/etc...).

360ICE  +   524d ago
Wait.... what parts were sarcasm? The first paragraph? The second?

All of it?

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Blacktric  +   524d ago
Oh God... NT apologists can't even sarcasm properly. No wonder you're so keen to blindly defend a game like this.
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DevilVergilX  +   524d ago
This isnt my problem with the game. Think about it this way, you been a loyal fan for 10+ years and out of the blue the devs and the Representative from company themselves talk shit about you and your favorite character. How would you feel? Plus this game was too easy(casual and so mainstream), and yes i beat it in sons of sparda mode with easy SSS no surprise...
cyborg47  +   524d ago
You guys(hardcore) had four games, why not let the casuals enjoy one?
And it looks like you're hurt coz the dev spoke crap about you and your favorite character, what about all the trash NT/Capcom got from the hardcore fans, like that was all really sweet :|

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