Nintendo's Wii U Redemption

"Last Wednesday, Nintendo did something, against all odds, that few of us believed they could do anymore. They took the trainwreck that their newest console, the Wii U, had become in less less than two months following its release, and they actually managed to turn its perception around, making it look like a valuable and desirable proposition, and a gaming machine that would actually be hosting impressive content that even people who don't necessarily like traditional Nintendo franchises found themselves interested in."

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chadboban2144d ago

Wii U had a good week last week, but EA and Pachter wanted to be sure that it didn't last too long. LOL

Anyhow I know I'll be purchasing a Wii U not too long down the road, a Vita as well, will get a PS4 too(how soon that'll be depends on the launch lineup).

Just enjoy what you play folks. As a gamer, that's all that matters at the end of the day.

WetN00dle692144d ago

EXACTLY!!!! B+ for you good sir!

1upgamer992144d ago

Costco price cut or sale...Only $299 DELUXE and $244 Basic!!!

LOL_WUT2144d ago

Nintendo has a lot of proving to do this E3 ( show new Smash Bros, Zelda) hopefully they can turn the Wii U into a huge success. ;)

metroid322144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

All i can say is every game we saw at the European Direct were solid Nextgen games,and makes my purchase seem even sweeter,call me what you want but how an earth is Sony/Microsoft going to survive when WiiU becomes established as Sony and Microsoft are allowing WiiU to gain momentum which isn't easy in todays market,i just think Sony and Microsoft are in trouble as Iwata clearly said all them games shown and lots more are hitting shelves between june 2013 and june 2014,with other nextgen consoles hitting around dec this year by that times WiiU will have sold 12 million at least ?

Not to mention Sony and Microsoft just do the same thing as each other so basically they share sales,with WiiU it will out sell them both again but this time it will get stronger after 5 year's because it's a powerful box Mark Reins words.

PopRocks3592144d ago

It's a good thing this community represents a minority and nothing more. We're talking about people who criticize EA and Pachter on a near daily basis. Suddenly both parties say something negative about the Wii U and all hell breaks loose. To me that's hypocritical.

Either way, the recent Direct has me excited still. Even I can admit that the Wii U was in need of more "must have" content and that's exactly said conference provided. It pleased me as a fan and that's enough for me.

Currently looking forward to Luigis Mansion 2 and Sly 4. After that I know what to look out for.

wiiulee2143d ago

nintendo have a fantastic system in the wiiu, they just need to iron out the things that goes along with that system including games quick